Monday, March 28, 2011


One of the fun things about this area is that there is a wonderful history to every single city or town. And so there is an "old-historic section". These are usually my favorite areas of the town because they have such great architecture. Lovely old homes and buildings. These pictures are of old town Fredericksburg. And the Rappahonick River runs right through it. This river is enormous. It drains about 2600 square miles of Virginia into the Chesapeake Bay. And so it is very wide and full and rushing water. The pictures really don't do it justice. But it was breathtaking.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


When the missionaries first arrive they are shown a power point about the mission and each of the areas/zones in the mission. When they introduce the Fredericksburg Zone they show a picture of "Carl's Icecream" with testimony from the Elders of how great it is. Well, we were in Fredericksburg last Saturday for the Stake Conference evening session. Thought we better check it out and make sure it's true. So here it is, CARL's. They offer three things: chocolate, vanilla and strawberry icecream. That's the menu. And yes it is good. It has been open since 1948. Still going strong.


Return and Report was held on March 10,2011 for our newest group of missionaries. The group that just arrived 4 weeks ago returned to the mission home for a day of training, visiting, eating, and reporting on how they have felt about their first month of service
This is always a wonderful day. We hear the testimonies and stories of experiences they have had during this first month. Their testimonies have grown and we love to hear about what they have learned already. We start with breakfast, have training and then have lunch before they go back out with their companions.

Group includes: Front row: Elders Nelson, Terry, Edgington, Hussey, Middle row: Pres. Albright, Elders Aker and White , Sisters Ganbaatar, and Murray, Back Row: Sis. Albright, Elders Labrum, Cejudo, Davis, Harb, Dickson, and Meitler.

Elders Dickson, Meitler, Davis, Aker, and Cejudo
Sisters Murray and Ganbaatar, Elders Harb, Labrum, Crockett, White, Terry, Nelson, Edgington, and Hussey

Elders Holmgren and Bryson come to train on cars, Finances, and apartments, etc.

Elders Harb and Cejudo


We had the incredible honor of having Brother Steve Allen visit our mission on March 9, 2011. Bro Allen is the head of the missionary Dept for the entire church. He oversees all calling of missionaries, calling of mission Presidents, MTC-Provo, international missions, Administration, Proselyting, Internet mission work, Media & worldwide advertising-like, Public programs like all Visitor Centers and pageants (Hill Cumorah), and many more. So we feel very special to have him take time from his schedule to visit us. He was actually here checking up on our new Trainer-Trainee Program that the church has asked us to use. He met with both the Trainers and trainees in separate groups and visited with them about the program and how they think it is going. He listened to their input and suggestions. Then President and I got to visit with him and ask lots of questions. He was a lot of fun and we enjoyed learning from his experience and advice.

Bro Allen and Pres Albright
At our meeting, Elder Doman, surprised me and played the piano. So many hidden talents
Meeting with the Trainers
Meeting with the trainees.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dear President Albright,

I'd like to share an experience with you that happened the evening of the last big snow storm. Many cars were stuck in the snow and traffic was moving along very slowly, so we started for home, trying to avoid the main roads with all the traffic. We ended up helping a lot of people, and pushing many cars that were stuck on our way home. We would just stop our car, get out and help whoever needed a push! During our trek home we cleared several roads and even pushed a car out of a ditch. We were dripping wet from getting out in the storm and pushing people through the snow so often. Finally on a road that was clear of all traffic we saw a single car pulled over and parked. For some reason we felt impressed to stop and offer our help. The sole occupant of the car, a woman that had a cold and whose hair was frozen from being outside for so long, started to cry when she heard our offer to help. It broke my heart. She told us that she had a 2 year old son who was sick at home with a babysitter miles away. She said that she had called the tow company but they could not come for several hours because of all the accidents! She explained that she heard a loud pop and that her windshield wipers stopped working so she had to pull over and park because of all the snow.

We had no idea of how to help her since my companions, Elders Buie and Elder Ditty, and I did not have much experience working on cars. I told her to turn the wipers on and saw that the passenger side was working fine but the driver’s side wiper was not moving. Suddenly I had a flash of inspiration. The thought came clearly into my mind that there was a loose bolt that tightens the wiper to the motor. I opened the hood and that was the problem! I went around and knocked on some doors in the neighborhood, borrowed some tools, and fixed the problem in less than10 minutes! While I was doing that, my companions taught the lady about the priesthood and blessings. When her car was ready she asked with tears in her eyes, “Can I have one of those blessings?” She told us that she knows about the missionaries and has a good friend that is Mormon. She even knew the name of our current prophet! As we gave her a blessing we were able to feel the Spirit, that familiar warmth that comes even in a freezing snow storm. We promised her that she would be safe and that everything was going to be fine at home. God was able to put us in the right city and street to help her. It was a special moment, and we knew that God had led us to her to help her get her safely home to her family!

Much love,

Elder Tovar

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Every spring it is so fun to see the deer come back to the area and begin to wander through the yards and neighborhood. A couple of mornings ago as I sat at the kitchen table studying about 6 deer walked into the back yard eating their way across the lawn. What a beautiful picture.
Just not something we see in Las Vegas. It is so fun.


Sunday evening we held our monthly mission home fireside. The Mullin Family- Dave, Cindy, Dennis, Anthony, and Scott were recently baptized and are an incredible family. Full of the spirit and delightful to know.

Scott, the 10 year old spoke for a few minutes, Athony, the 14 year old, played a flute number and did a magnificent job, and Dave gave a moving testimony and told of their families conversion. We are blessed to have them join our church.

Mary also shared her testimony and told of her conversion. She was only baptized yesterday. Just the day before the fireside. What courage-- to come and speak after just one day. She was a lovely, delightful woman.


This last weekend, March 5 and 6 was the Fredericksburg Stake Conference. We love to drive south to the beautiful and peaceful countryside, affectionately called the "BURG" by the missionaries. Saturday evening we went to the adult session and both spoke for a few minutes. We returned on Sunday for the General Session and both again spoke. This is a wonderful stake that supports and loves mission work.

We arrived early on Saturday and so we went to the historic part of Fredericksburg and looked at the classy old houses and found our way to the Fredericksburg Battle Field. Incredible. So much history. This is where the bloodiest battle of the Civil war took place. Along the wall in these pictures the Confederates took cover while the Union tried to take the hill in wave after wave of soldiers. Eventually they did take the hill but only after the deaths of 1000s of soldiers on both sides. We took a walking tour, read the markers along the path and came away so grateful for those who made this country what it is. This is one of the perks, or blessings of serving in this mission. History everywhere.