Sunday, August 28, 2011


To all the families and friends of the DC South Missionaries. Quite a week we have had. First a very exciting earthquake. Quite fun for some of our missionaries. But no injuries or damage in the area. Of course this information could be found on the TV news or internet, but we sent out an e-mail to all our parents immediately following the quake.
The hurricane was not as "FUN" as we were anticipating. For which we are thankful. However, we lost power at the mission home and were not able to communicate until after noon. We sent the following e-mail to all our parents at around 2:30 this afternoon. It appears that some parents did not receive this e-mail for which we are sorry. When our office staff returns tomorrow we will check computers and see why all parents did not receive the e-mails. You can be assured that if there is ever a problem with a missionary, their parents would be personally contacted.
News reports indicated that Northern Virginia experienced very little damage. Just a million people without power.
E-mail sent to parents:

Dear Parents,

We are grateful to report that all of your missionaries are safe and back to work. The storm caused the second-largest power outage in Virginia history as 2.5 million people were without electricity at one point earlier today. Along with the power outages, four people were killed by falling trees in Virginia. Several days before Hurricane Irene approached, each missionary was able to make certain their 72 hour emergency kits were up to date with nonperishable food, fresh batteries, flash lights and water bottles etc.. Cell phones were charged, each car was filled with gas, and safe houses were designated by each bishop where the missionaries could go if necessary to stay with ward members. The members here love their missionaries! We hope this week to avoid any major hurricanes or earthquakes so we can have an historic baptismal month! Thank you for your continued faith and prayers.

Warm Regards,

President Mark Albright

Monday, August 22, 2011


The temple and skies looked beautiful on Sunday evening before the fireside.
The Sowbys were the speakers at the Temple Visitor's Center Why I Believe Fireside on Aug 21, 2011. They did a beautiful job. Their testimonies were powerful and spiritual. We loved having the Sowbys serve in our mission last year and the DC North is blessed to have them serving at the Barlow Center in DownTown DC this year. A dedicated missionary couple.




On Friday, August 19,2011, we held the last day of Zone conferences for this transfer. It was with the Oakton and McLean zones. MCLEAN ZONE: Elders Parker and Brazell, Sisters Ganbaatar, Vaitai, Kirakosyan, Ward, Olsen, and Pres and Sis Albright, Back Row: Elders Cheung, Bay, Ditty, Tilleman, Liew, Hanna, Davis, and Stoker
OAKTON ZONE: Elders Harper, Edgington, Hussey, Sherwani, Sis and Pres Albright, Elders Rios, Bigler, Mngoma, Crockett, Back Row: Elders West, Stuart, MacFarlane, Gray, Dastrup and Stoker.
We were singing " Called to serve" for the members who made us lunch and it was so cut to see Elder Mngoma as he got really "INTO" this song. I should of videod him. He looked great.
Our sweet lunch sisters
Elders West and Rios

Elders Doman and Tilleman
Elders Sherwani and Ditty
Sisters Vaitai and Ward
Elders Harb, Kirakosyan, and Bigler
Elders Gray, Donaldson and Hanna
Elders Mngoma and West
Elders Ditty and Cheung

Lunch table
Elder and Sister Doyle and Elder Bryson at lunch

Car Awards -Elders Biglers and Dastrup
Elder Edgington- Iron Man

Elder Tilleman and Ditty- car award
Sisters Kirakosyan, Olsen and Vaitai
Sisters Ward and Ganbaatar
Skills Practice

Elders Gray and West training.


Zone Conference for Woodbridge, Fredericksburg, Potomac Zones was held on Thursday, August 18, 2011.FREDERICKSBURG ZONE: Elders Coleman, White, Meitler, Walker, Johnsen, Barrett, Carter, Slade, Sisters Holt, Newman, Sis and Pres Albright BackRow: Elders Westover, Anderson, Dickson, Hougaard, Whipple, Tacaki, Morrill, Hiatt, Schmidt, Aker, Campbell, Ravia
WOODBRIDGE ZONE: Elder and Sis Heller, Elders Odenwalder, Horton, Yancey, McAbee, Sis and Pres Albright, and Elder Johnson, Back Row: Elder Bowers, Bramwell, Gubeli, Calvert, Paswaters, Cook, Jensen, Keeffer, Nelson
SOUTH POTOMAC POTOMAC ZONE: Sister Albright, Elders Stewart, Bazzle, Hansen, Sisters Moya, Taylor, Hardt, Sorenson, Pres. Albright, Back Row: Greer, Bezzant, Gubler, Terry, and Hancock.
Zone Leaders: Keeffer and Yancey-Woodbridge, Greer and Hansen-Potomac, Carter and Morrill-Fredericksburg

Elder Tacaki is such an amazing pianist
Birthdays: Elders McAbee, Heller, Hansen, Carter, Barraza, Tacaki, and Sis Hardt
Relief Society Sisters who cooked lunch

Elders Horton, Coleman, Morrill, Bazzle, Carter, Calvert and Hiatt
Elders Doman, Davie, McAbee, Terry, Greer, Hancock, and Hansen
Elders Nelson, Aker, Gubeli, Tacaki, Donaldson,-----, Walker, and Ravia
Elders Johnson, Harb, Johnsen, Anderson, Barrett, Jacobson, and Slade
Elders Paswaters, Stewart, Bezzant, Westover, Whipple, Meitler, and Bramwell
Elders Keeffer, Yancey, Jensen, and Elder and Sister Heler
Elders White, Cook, Bowers, Odenwalder, Campbell, Schmidt, and Dickson
President, Elder Bryson, Gubler and Doyle
Sisters Hardt, Sorenson, (a guest sis. Smith), Newman, Heller, Holt, Taylor, Moya
This ward always decorates so cute for our zone conferences. They even put little cards with sayings, like this one that reads, " Called to know the richness of his blessings..."

Car awards- Elder Doyle with Elders Keeffer and Yancey
Elder Nelson with the Iron Man Award

Elders Hiatt and Hougaard with car Award
Elders Greer and Hansen with car award
Elders Paswaters and Calvert with an award