Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Missionary Values (2011 DC Shoot Off Video Submission)

This is a video made for a contest on the army base. They were asked to make a video about someone or something that showed good values. The soldiers that chose to make this were not LDS, but knew that our missionaries have good values. We thought it turned out great.

Saturday, June 4, 2011



Ashburn Zone: Front row:Elders Perry, Yancey, Kotyk, Pomeroy, Lafeen, Sisters Dalrymple, and Kelley, and Sister and Pres Albright, Back Row: Elders Butcher, Mann, Harper, Kelley, Whipple, Bowers, Dickson.
Centreville Zone: Sister and Elder Maldonado, Elders Walker, Hanna, Tacaki, Skousen,Markenstein, Smallcomb, and Sis and Pres Albright Back Row:Elders Lawson, Peterson, Campbell, Gray, Hougaard, Dastrup, Merrill, Freeman, McAbee, and Bothwell.
The Maldonados, Sisters Kelley and Dalrymple and Elder Smallcomb
Elders Perry, Yancey, Butcher, Bowers, Rex and Doman
Elders Tacaki, Peterson, Harper, Karren and Hanna
Elders Bluemel, Kelley, ?, Walker, Mann, ? Freeman,?, Merrill, Campbell, Hougaard, and Lawson.
Elders Dastrup, Lafeen, Harb, Allen and Skousen
The RS sisters who fixed lunch
Singing for our supper
Happy Birthday
Car Czar-Elder Holmgren presents awards, 3rd place Elders Bluemel, Bowers, and Kelley
2nd place: Elders Whipple and Mann
making a proclamation--we love Elder Holmgren
1st place: Elders Pomeroy and Kotyk
Dirtiest car: Elders Hanna and Tacaki
Ironman award- Most consecutive time on a bike- Elder Yancey
Elders Rex, Doman and Karren


After our first zone conference, we had these 4 sweet sisters over for dinner. I must say, they really like Roast Beef. Pictured are Sisters Vaitai, Malmberg, Ganbaatar, and Lee.


On May 22, Sunday evening, we had a all Spanish Mission Home Fireside. It was well attended and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves. Lots of nice people that I visited with after the program. We're going to try to do this more often.The Hermanas- Sorenson, Spencer, Nichols, Trepeniar, Barrero, Aulava, Balsley, Hardt, and Vogelsberg.
Pres Burton with Elder Allen ( one of our great office elders)
Sister Bagley and her mother stopped by for the fireside. They will be back to stay with us this weekend.

Sister Dana


The Centreville Stake Hosted a special recognition event honoring 3 recipients of the FAMILY VALUES AWARD. It was a beautiful event. The gym was filled with chairs and completely filled with people. They choose people or groups to honor each year for their efforts towards strengthening families. This event is helping to build bridges, friendship and understanding between the LDS church and their neighbors. They honored: The Benedictine Sisters, Patricia Harrison, and Reverend Eugene Johnson. All 3 are involved in large and wonderful projects that help the community in serving the needs of families and helping promote family values.
What a great thing for a stake to do to develop a relationship with their neighbors.


Well, I must be quite sheltered. I had never heard of the place. But my nieces wanted to get cupcakes here in the worst way. But when they came to visit, the line was too long. So I thought, "Hey, i'll go there and get them a cupcake." what was I thinking. Never seen anything like it. The line went up the street for 2 TWO blocks. I really wondered what on earth these cupcakes would taste like. Well I waited in line for about 40 minutes. Not too bad, except it was nice and warm outside. And I tell you, the cupcakes were worth it. CUPCAKES EXTRAODINAIR!! Have to taste them to believe it. I really thought, Hey a cupcake is a cupcake. But these are like filled with stuff and gooey and moist and the frosting is filled with stuff and piled high. And the flavors, things like: Chocolate hazelnut (Valrhona chocolate cupcake with a rich callebaut chocolate ganache icing topped with carmelized hazelnuts), Mint cookies and creme (madagascar bourbon vanilla cupcake baked with oreo crumbles topped with a mint oreo crumble-infused buttercream frosting), or Salted Carmel (caramel cupcake with a salted caramel infused buttercream frosting topped with a caramel drizzle). And they have about 50 kinds. A tough decision.
We saw everyone taking pictures of these 2 cute ladies, so we thought we better. Turns out they were the famous cupcake ladies. And we found out they were on Oprah, and have a TV show: DC cupcake.
It was a fun little excursion and worth every minute.