Monday, January 30, 2012


Jan 29, 2012. Our Burke ward now begins at 8:30. President Albright spoke in Sacrament Meeting in our ward. I was really grateful for this. We have been here 2 1/2 years and this is the first time he has spoken in our ward. He did a masterful job and know they all enjoyed his spirit and message. He spoke with Sister Jordan Lee, one of our Sister missionaries who serves in the ward. She is a fabulous sister and has had a powerful effect on the Burke Ward. She returns home this next transfer and we will miss her.

Next, we headed to the Reston ward, where President spoke during the 5th hour combined meeting. Again he was great. Told many mission miracles and shared the importance of missionary member work. This is a very ward and friendly ward.

The "Why I Believe Fireside" was held this evening in the McLean stake. These monthly firesides are always uplifting. They are held as evenings of spiritual messages and testimony. And the members and missionaries are asked to invite friends to come and participate.

The invited speaker for this fireside was Ambassador Robert R. King.
He is Special Envoy for North Korean- Human Rights Issues. What a fascinating speaker. he was really wonderful and his stories made you so grateful to live in a place where there are so many freedoms.


A wonderful, touching baptism. We attended on Saturday, Jan 28, 2012. This sweet family was found by Elders Peterson and Yancey.
Shay ( the mother) has 5 beautiful children. 2 yr old twins, Lonodon and Bria, Lacey 5, Janiya 9 and Jybrell 11. Shay has had some serious health problems and is moving on Sunday to Ohio to live with her father.
The Quantico Ward was so supportive. The room was filled and the spirit was wonderful.
Except the water was freezing. Oops.
The children were just precious. They were so excited and knew that answers to all the
questions the speakers directed to them.
BishopMacKay is a wonderful, personable and kind man. It was obvious how much he cared for this family.
Elders Kotyk and Parker were the witnesses.
And Elders Yancey, Peterson, and the ward mission leader, Bro Walburger performed the baptisms. And then Elders Kotyk, Parker and Peterson each confirmed one.
These are the experiences that make this work so worth while.


Almost each week we hold a staff meeting at the mission office. It's hard to explain the amount of work these wonderful missionaries put into this calling. It is like running a big company with 200 employees. 80+ Apartments, 60+ cars, utilities, supplies, missionary bank accounts, 200 monthly letters, volumes of mail each day that is readdressed and sent back out, referrals, and all the missionary records for wards, stakes, area authority, and Salt Lake City. All the baptism reports and paperwork. There is an incredible amount of work. But these missionaries love the work and do it with love and happy hearts. We couldn't possibly run a mission without them. President Albright running the office meeting.

Elder Bryson (finances, apartments, supplies), Elder Doyle (cars czar)
Assistants Elder Peterson and Kotyk ( their list of assignment for a 6 week cycle is single spaced and listed on four 8x10 sheets of paper and posted on the wall. ) They are amazing
Office Elders extrodanaire Harb and Bay. Do record keeping, and put together endless amounts of presentations for the missions, they keep up the rosters and phones and lists and it is always changing.
Sisters Doyle and Bryson. Professional Secretaries. Phones, Mail, Mail, Mail, letters, letters, and countless other assignments.
Sister Plummer is being trained.

Elders Bryson, Doyle and Plummer (being trained)

Friday, January 27, 2012


I missed this forum. Heard it was great.


We had a wonderful fun Senior Dinner at the Burton's home. Their home is located in the beautiful Arlington Area. Their home is over 100 years old and has so much character and personality. I love it. We have incredible senior couples and always have a wonderful time together. This time we had a really exciting extra event.

The Burtons nephew, Matthew Bowman, has been living with them while he completed his Doctorate in Religious Studies. He is quite renowned as he is one of the people working on the "Joseph Smith Papers".
About 4 months ago, he received a phone call from, Mr Mecham (president of Random House publishing). Random House had determined that since it is possible that might have a Mormon president in the US, they would like a book on the shelves about the Mormons. One written by an authority, but fair and balanced. He contacted Bro Bushman, a well-known church historian about writing the book. Bro Bushman declined, but gave him Matthew Bowman's name. Mr Mecham had read some of Matts work and called him.
He wrote this book in 10 weeks and it hit the shelves just last week. It is already selling like crazy.
Matthew had dinner with us at the Burton's home and then we had the honor of attending the book signing at a store in McLean, Va where he gave a speach and then signed books. It was excellent. He gave a masterful talk, mostly a reading from the book and answered questions.
There was a large crowd there and many non members who asked very good questions.
So if you get a chance, check out the new book. THE MORMON PEOPLE, by Matthew Bowman.

Pres Burton is a delight. He is explaining the evenings activities to us.

Author, Matthew Bowman
Elder and Sister Davis, Sister Heller, Elder and Sisters Erickson and Doyle.
Elder and Sister Plummer and the Burtons
Elders and Sisters Carrier (backs to us), Matthew Bowman, the Williams, Hepworths and Pres.
At The Last Page Bookstore
Mr Matthew Bowman
Sister Albright and Burton
Sister Burton and President Albright


We had another wonderful, inspirational Zone Leader Council. We hold this meeting monthly at the mission home. These 20 young men are filled with great ideas and enthusiasm and it is just so exciting to see them as they council and work together with each other. They share their ideas and work to do all they can to improve the mission. Great training for future church leaders. They learn to do it with great love and compassion for the other missionaries and the investigators and members. It really is a favorite meeting. Sis Albright, President Albright, Elders Campbell, Harb, Church, Mower, Carter, C. Johnson, Ryan White, Slade, Jensen, Horton, Peterson, Walker, Whipple, Parker, Yancey, Bay, Skousen, Westover, Kotyk, and Dallin West.
Elders Mower and Whipple
Elders Slade and Westover
Elders Walker and Carter
Elders Johnson, Harb, and Peterson
Elders White and Jensen

Elders West, Horton, Church
Elders Slade and Edgington
Elders Hanna and Edgington came by for a visit and enjoyed some treats with us.


Elder Crockett left for home today. He served as one of our office elders for a few months. He has been a wonderful addition to the office. We will miss him.
This wonderful elder started his mission in Brazil, hurt his shoulder and came home for surgery. He then came to DC South to complete his mission. After only being here a few weeks he was in a car accident. There were 4 elders in a car and a dump truck pulled out of a construction site and they t-boned the truck. It was the trucks fault as it pulled across traffic into moving traffic. Elder Crockett sustained a back injury and after serving for almost a year, he is heading home for back surgery. We wish him the best and hope he knows he was a wonderful missionary and is Returning with Honor.


Audrey is a wonderful young woman. She has been taking the lessons for a long time and our missionaries just love her and are so happy to see her take this step. She has been to the mission home many times and we have gotten to know her too. It was a really great baptism and we are so thrilled to have attended.Elder Johnson, Audrey, Elder Hanson


This is the 2nd snow of the year. It is always such a beautiful sight. We are having a very warm winter and this might be our last snow.




Each of our departing groups takes a temple trip the week before they leave and we take a group picture. The temple was closed for 2 weeks this month and we were unable to take our trip. So we took a group picture at the mission home the evening before they were leaving. And I think we'll do this from now on. We will really miss these great elders and sisters.
We had a wonderful testimony meeting. It was very spiritual and beautiful. Their testimonies are strong and vibrant and have grown so much in these two years. It is an inspiring thing to hear them as they share their thought the evening before they are leaving. One of these missionaries was so touched by the spirit, he expressed so beautifully how he was feeling and it really was profound. Thank you for all of your words and thoughts. We love each of you.

Elder Bazzle
Sister Kirakosyan
Elder Gubeli
Elder Crockett
Elder Bowers
Sister Dangaasuren, ( a temple square sister who leaves on Feb 1)
Sister Kelley