Sunday, September 19, 2010


On Sept 3, 2010, we sent 4 wonderful missionaries home after serving their very best for 18-24 months. We will miss these 4. They are: Sisters Hahn and Bagley and Elders Clinger and Larsen. In front of the mission home in the morning as we get ready to leave for the airport.
Airport checkin.
4 in a row. Bagley, Larsen, Hahn and Clinger
Pres. and the Assistants wait by the van
Pres. with Elder Larsen and Clinger
Sister Hahn with my grandbaby, Dakota
The sisters and I
In front of the church as we leave the Transfer Meeting.
The final supper. Sister Bagley, Elder Williams, the Holmgrens, Elders Stockham, Bates, Lee, Larson and Clinger and Sister Hahn
We give each departing missionary a book that contains info about the mission and memories and their weekly letters, a map, pictures, etc. We have a wonderful and special testimony meeting and feel so close to these missionaries as they share a departing testimony. It is just so beautiful. Then we hand out the books. Then after visiting for a while, it is time to bowl.

After dinner and serious activities off to the bowling alley. Sister Hahn, Bagley, Elders Williams, Lee, Larsen and Clinger


Transfer Meeting was really fun this time. We get up early, feed our newly arrived missionaries breakfast and head to the Ox road chapel for transfer meeting. Anyone being transferred, getting a new companion attends this meeting. There are usually about 3/4s of the missionaries in attendance. The greenies receive a couple of hours of training. Then we go into the chapel where all the other missionaries have arrived and are singing hymns which sets a wonderful spirit for the meeting. They usually have been singing for half an hour. (which is because they are excited to get to the meeting and it keeps things reverent waiting to start.
The exchange takes place. It is quite fun to watch as missionaries fill the parking lot and move around luggage and bikes and find new companions. Looks like an airport luggage lot.
The meeting begins around 10:00 a.m. We introduce each of the new missionaries-have them stand and give their name, where they are from, and something about themselves.
The departing missionaries come to the stand and each share their testimony and give some advice to the others. This is a very moving part of the meeting as these missionaries bid farewell to their friends. Very touching. They have wonderful advice for the others that they have gained from 2 years of experience.
Then we had a presentation from the Assistants. It was wonderful and fun. They announced that an EPIDEMIC had hit the mission and was spreading. They had Elder Schaelling and Buie and others planted to do surprise parts. Elder Schaelling kept popping up behind the table up front with signs about the 500. Elder Sackett ran up to the piano and did a wake you up piano song about the 500, Elder Buie ran up and Salsa'd at the front. These are all symptoms of catching the 500 Fever. They ran around handing out 500 $ bills and flyers. They ran up to Elder Lee and wrote on his Tie, "500 fever" and put stick-ums on Elder Williams forehead.

The 500 FEVER is contagious and we want everyone to catch it. Our goal for baptisms this year has been 500 and we are trying to get everyone fired up working hard to reach it.
The Assistants are great. They really are creative. Thanks guys.

President Albright then spoke about NEVER GIVING UP. He showed a moving video about an olympic runner named Derek Redmond. In the 1992 Barcelona Olympics he was favored to win the 400 meter. 250 meters from the finish line he tore his hamstring and fell. As he started to cry and limp, his father came from the stands and helped him toward the finish line. A moving story with a great lesson. To see the video, go to this link:

The transfer Meeting
What a great site--a room filled with Priesthood and dark suits.
Sister Ferry and Elder Sackett performed an original number that was gorgeous.
THE 500 FEVER BEGINS TO SPREAD-Elder Schaelling popping up with signs while the assistants are talking.
Another sign

Surprizing Elder Lee and Writing on his tie. He is a good sport. Hope it wasn't a favorite tie
Signs on Elder Williams head.
Elder Buie getting so excited with the fever, he starts dancing

Running through the room with a flag of 500

The assistants doing their presentation
All eyes are on the flag.

The overhead is hard to see on the blog, but the pictures were great

Elders Liew and Chueng
Elder Rusk between our two departing Elders. Clinger and Larsen

Saturday, September 18, 2010

GOOD-BYE to Elder Ford

Elder Ford, standing between Pres and I, has served in the office now for many months. He is heading back out to work in the field. He has been so diligent, dedicated and fun. We will miss him. He is being replaced by Elder Bates (2nd from right). We hear great things about him,too.
Pictured: Elders Lee (AP), Bates, Pres, Ford, Sis A, Elder Williams (AP), Stockham (office elder).


The new group has arrived. One of the most exciting times of the 6 week rotation. We love it when these fresh, new missionaries get off the plane so filled with greenie fire. It is wonderful. This is a very motivated and excited group. As soon as they get off the plane the Assistants take them to the Metro or the college campus and have them street contact. It is exciting and scary for them. 5 minutes in the field and we send them out to find investigators.We have orientation the first evening and they each get a few minutes to share their testimonies and their feelings. This group was strong and ready to get to work. I loved hearing their thoughts and convictions. We start with a really nice dinner, do some training and send them to bed. They are emotionally exhausted and beginning the next day they work 24/7 for 2 years.
The new group: front row: Elder Schwendiman, Walker, Pres and Sister Albright, Sisters Lee, Kirakosyan, and Lee--Back Row: Elders Johnson, Bigler, Earl,Hill, Slade, Parker
Elder Bigler
Elder Parker
Elder Hill
Elder Walker
Elder Johnson
Elder Earl

Elder Slade
Elder Schwendiman
Sister Kirakosyan
Sister Dalrymple

Sister Lee
Sister Kirakosyan
Sister Dalrymple
Sis Lee
Elder Schwendiman

Elder Hill
Elder Earl
Elder Parker
Elder Parker
Elder Walker

Elder Johnson
Elder Slade
Dinner at the mission home

Elders Slade, Earl, Schwendiman, Lee, , Pres, DAKOTA (granddaughter), Ashlee(daughter) Sisters Dalrymple, Kirakosyan, and Lee
Pres and Sis Ward, Elders Hill, Johnson, Bigler, Walker, Parker, Williams, and Ford