Tuesday, November 30, 2010


The second Zone conference was held, Nov 3, 2010. McLean and Oakton zone attended.
Elders Stuart and McGill are the Zone Leaders in McLean. And Elders Hall and Holmstead are ZL in Oakton. The program followed the same format each conference.
At this one Elder Hancock played the organ for the songs we sang and it was beautiful. The Assistants presented on "Our commitment to God" Elders McGill and Stuart on Extending commitments and Holmstead and Hall lead the skills practice. Sister Trepanier sang a solo and did a lovely job. Elders Ika and McGill gave departing testimonies. It was an uplifting and we left the same challenge.: 100% Baptismal Invitations.
Oakton Zone-- front row:Elder Karren, Barrett, Sister Banks, Hornbeck, Kelley, Elder Ika, Sisters Murray, Ferry, Trepanier, Pres. and Sis. Albright, Sitting: Elders Orme,Knowles , Roothoff, Slade, Kirkham, Shupe, Gillihan, Cook, Standing: Elders Peterson, Williams, Greer, Hancock, Smallcomb, Hall, Bazzle, Homstead, Bigler

MCLEAN ZONE: Elder Karren, Sisters olorsaikhan, Flores, Elders Franzwa, Stuart, McGill, Tamir, Schaelling, Sister Albright, Pres Albright, Back row: Bothwell, Lawson, Parker, Logan, Bullock, Choi, Hiatt, and Williams
President Albright gets excited and walks around while he talks.
Elder Karren

Elder Williams

Introducing Skills practic: Elders Hall, McGill, and Stuart
Elders Holmstead and Hall
Good job of notetaking. They are all listening intently. we like that

Office Elders Bates and Peterson

Skills practice: Sisters Trepanier and Ferry, Elders Kirkham and Shupe
Sisters Kelley and Banks practice with Murray and Hornbeck
Elders Holmstead, Greet, Bazzle, Orme and Hancock

Elders Knowles, Roothoff, Cook and IkaElders Hall, Karren, Peterson and ?
Elders Smallcomb, Williams, Barrett, Bigler, and Gillihan
Lunch tables

Sisters: Hornbeck, Murray, Ferry, Bolorsaikhan, Banks, Flores, Trepanier, and Kelley
Elder and Sister Holmgren
Relief Society sisters

Singing Called to Serve
Elders Stuart and McGill get candy bars for a clean car
Sisters Banks and Kelley
Elders Roothoff and Knowles
Sisters Bolorsaikhan and Flores- 1st place
Last place, vegtables to give energy to clean the car
Elder Holmgren entertains
Sister Hornbeck gives a talk
Elder Lawson
Sister Trepanier singing

Elder Stuart conducting

Monday, November 15, 2010


At the mission Pres. Seminar they talked about the importance of "baptism invites" at every single lesson. So...

We made it a goal at our Zone Conferences last week to try and set a record for invites.

Our incredible missionaries gave baptismal invites at 220 of 222 lessons given last week.

FANTASTIC!!! That is 99%. We are so proud of our army. It takes boldness, great courage, and the spirit to accomplish such a goal. We are so proud of your sons and daughters.


Dear President,

We experienced a great miracle in our ward. With the start of the transfer and almost no one to teach we have been seeking guidance from the Lord and working hard to find those prepared in the area. I feel that this area has incredible potential and there are many people that are just waiting to be found. Along with the Stake's vision, and the help of the ward council, we are hoping to energize the members and begin receiving more referrals. Well a member in the ward, with no prompting from us, simply brought her friend to Sacrament meeting! The nonmember friend approached us at church asking to learn more so we set up an appointment to meet with her. At the dinner and lesson a few days later we were surprised to discover that she had already downloaded the Standard Works onto her I-Phone and had already read the first 60 sections of the Doctrine of Covenants! What!?! Where in the world did she come from?! The Spirit guided our words in the lesson as we answered her many questions and introduced the Restoration and the Book of Mormon to her. After the lesson, we knelt in prayer and she offered a heartfelt prayer asking if what we taught her was true and if she needed to be baptized.The Spirit was impressive. We thanked the Lord for this miracle and know that her baptism will fire up the ward, especially when they hear that she was simply invited to Church by a member friend. She was just baptized on November 6th!

A DC South Missionary

Dear President Albright,

This week A.C. went from a zero to a hero. He is a less active member of the ward who we invited to come on exchanges with us on Friday and he shined. We visited a member, knocked some doors, and taught a lesson. He was the anchor of all three! He could contact better, teach better, and connect better than we could and it was his first time to go out with the missionaries! Then on Saturday he showed up to a ward service project and he was the most helpful and best worker out of all the people there. We then asked a recent convert to come knocking with us and we found a family of five people and he taught them all better than we could. It was incredible. We would not have gotten in the door without the members help and we would not have gotten a return appointment without him! Missionary work is member work, and the rest will come.

DC South Mis

I have so much I wish to express, but I'm gonna keep this minimal. It's just been such a fantastic week. Last night we had a lesson with a family of former investigators. For a long time they didn't return calls or set appointments with us. We held off for a while until attempting to contact them again. Surprisingly the mother invited us over last night. So we brought the big guns and gave the best lesson we've ever prepared about the restorarion. We went in with confidence and it was such a rewarding experience. We invited the head of the household to join as well, and for the first time the father joined us. Just prior the wife warned us that he is a friend to the missionaries but has ZERO interest in our religion. We did an activity and explained simply and clearly the need for a restoration. We explained authority and the Book of Mormon as Preach My Gospel states "... so simply that nobody could misunderstand it.". The spirit was there. The family was together for the lesson and at the end we invited softly "If you knew that the Book of Mormon was true, that Joseph Smith is a Prophet, and that the Restoration really did occur; would you be baptized by someone with that authority?". We received a response from the father that I have never heard nor will never forget. He quickly responded "H*** Yea!". Then he invited us to come back the next day too! He had a fiery excitement for us to come back. What a change. What a miracle.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010



The first conference was held in Centreville. A great day with lots of wonderful talks, presentations, reports, lunch, music and encouragement.
Elder Scott conducted. He and Elder LeRochelle are the Zone Leaders in Centreville.
We always start with a motivational thought on "our Purpose" Elder Buie gave this and is always inspiring.
President Albright opens up the meeting with lots of motivation and enthusiasm. He got everyone all excited and committed to being the first mission to reach 100% baptism invites in a week. So our goal was set.
He told all about the Mission Presidents' Seminar, the wonderful things we learned there and showed slides and videos.
I followed with thoughts on Faith, one of the principles of the Gospel.
Next, Assistants Williams and Karren spoke and as usual were the best.
Elders Jones and Davie (zone leaders in Ashburn talked about Extending committments. and Elders LaRochelle and Scott introduced the skills practice. Elders Bryson and Holmgren talked about apartments and cars. Lots of fun and awards. We had a wonderful lunch. And Elder Liew played a musical number on the piano.And all I can say is WOW. He is incredible.
Elder Thompson gave a departing testimony before he goes home next transfer and President closed the meeting with fun remarks, and a reminder to reach our goal: 100% Baptism Invites
Centerville Zone
Ashburn Zone
Paying close attention
Taking lots of notes.
Elder Williams
Elder Buie
Elders LaRochelle and Scott present

Skills Practices

Elder Bryson--Apartment King
Lunch Time

Singing Called to Serve

Lunch Angels
Office Elders Bates and Peterson
Assistants and Pres
Car Czar Elder Holmgren

Ironman Award; longest time on a bike

Elder Liew wows us all
Elder Horton
Sister Kohler

Elder Thompson gives departing testimony