Monday, December 6, 2010


We found a picture of the October arriving group of Elders. The SD card with 6 weeks of pictures was lost. But we located this picture. I am so sorry we lost the other pictures, but so grateful I found this one. Yeah!!! So here they are. A great group of Elders.

Pres and Sis Albright, Elders Johnson, Chung, Harper, Tacaki, Carnline, Back Row: Wright, , Chow, and Hubbard.


Our Zone Leadership council was held on November 29,2010. It is always so enjoyable to get together with our leadership and watch them perform and share and council in decision making. They are such great young men and women and learning to be great leaders in the church. It is fun to watch them interact and see their different personalities relate and learn to give and take, hear each others opinions and come together on ideas. These are always great experiences. Front Row Kneeling: Elders Page, Scott, Stuart, and Holmstead; First Row: Sisters Trepanier and Ferry, Elders Williams, Strong, Garlick, Pomeroy, Jones, Tovar, McFarlane, LaRochelle and Karren, Next Row: Pres and Sis Albright, Elders Sackett, Buie, Back Row: Elders Bell, Rex, Doman, Barrett, Hall, Wallace, Cuevas and Davie.

Elders Jones, Sisters Ferry and Trepanier, Elders Reeves, Doman, Stuart, Cuevas, Rex, Pomeroy, and Sackett
Elders Strong, Garlick, Williams, and Bell
Pres, Elders Karren, Tovar, Rex, Davie, Wallace, Barrett, Holmstead, and Page
Elders Hall, McFarlane, and Scott
Downstairs in the council room
Elders Davie, Bell, Pomeroy and Stuart
Elders Reeves, Strong, and Sackett
Elders Davie, Wallace, Bell, Pomerory, Stuart, Doman, Cuevas, Rex

Elder Buie


There were Visitor Lighting Ceremonies held on both Dec 1 and 2. These were by invitation only. They invite the ambassadors and their families, Government leaders, and leaders of many churches along with our church leaders. It is always spectacular. We were blessed to attend last year also.

They have a beautiful program. This year Congressman Jason Chaffetz gave the invocation, Elder Donald Hallstrom of the Presidency of the Seventy Spoke, the Mormon Choir of Washington Dc and the Mormon Orchestra performed.

Then Elder Marriott and his wife along with Elder Halstrom pushed the button to turn on the lights. Sister Santini is head of the Office of International affairs for the church and is in charge of events like this. She does a wonderful job and is so lovely and enthusiastic. It is so kind of them to include us and we feel blessed to have been able to participate.

There are over 500,000 lights on the temple grounds. it is Breathtaking. There are a dozen large Christmas trees decorated inside the Visitor center and over 100 nativity sets on display.


There is just no way to explain how amazing the Gretz family is and how incredible of a fireside this was. I think maybe we should just invite them every month.

The Gretz family has had a number of good Mormon friends who have influenced them to take the lessons. They are truly a remarkable family. They have grasp the gospel whole-heartedly.

Angie and Dave gave a beautiful fireside. They told in detail the story of how they found and embraced the gospel. They shared how it effected their lives as a couple and as a family. They were already a loving, kind, truly Christian- living family and so now they seem like life long members. Their family includes: Dave, Angie, Jaidyn, Michael, Ari, and Jack.:

We love them and are blessed that they have joined the church and that they took time to come and share their story and beautiful testimonies with everyone.

This was the largest fireside we have ever had. I think there were about 90 people here. Wall-to-wall people. The Gretz are a very popular family with the missionaries and everyone who meets them.

The Gretz family: Dave, Jack, Angie, Ari, Jaidyn, and Michael
The crowd just arriving.
Elder Karren Conducts

Sister Bennett directs music

Angie and Dave sharing their story

Sister Trepaneir and Burton sing a duet.

the Gretz Family

Angie and Pres Burton

Sister Albright and Sis Ward

Elders Garlick, Franzwa and Caresia with Sis Jaidyn Gretz. Three of the missionaries who taught.

The elders with Michael Gretz.


Our sweet Sister Banks is departing today, November 25, 2010. We have loved having such a kind, devoted, hard working, tiny and loving sister with us. We will miss her. Pres and I with Sister Banks

Sister Banks with her departing group. She is leaving a couple of weeks before the rest.
Front Row: Sisters Banks, Funch, Flores, Murray, and Bennett. Back Row: Elders Bell, Williams, and Strong.

We had this piece of meat in the freezer that I didn't know for sure what it was or how to cook it. Some of these Sisters offerred to help out. Well after testing and trying it, we opted for lunch at Jerry Sandwich Shop. But it was lots of fun to get together. November 30, 2010.


Thanksgiving is past. Time to decorate the house and the tree. The Assistants, Williams, Holmstead and Karren, and Office Elders Bates, and Peterson came over to help set up the tree. They did a great job. They even decorated it like professionals. It is so fun to have these young men around. They make this calling a lot of fun. We can always depend on them. Thanks you guys.

Of course, We have to have food if we're helping at the mission home.