Sunday, February 20, 2011


My sweet husband keeps quite a schedule. He has been up at 5:00 the past two mornings. These Virginians believe in early meetings. His first CC was at 6:30 with another one at 5:30 this evening. He is visiting one ward in between and has 2 baptism interviews at different locations.

So I'll see him sometime around 8:00, feed him dinner and he'll head for the office and Sunday night call-ins. Every Sunday evening all Zone Leaders call to report statistics for the week and discuss their zones needs. He'll get home about midnight.

President has the opportunity to participate in 8 Stake Correlation Meetings each month. These are labeled CC Meetings. This is when he gets the chance to discuss the missionary work going on in each stake.

For all mission presidents these are vitally important because one of their roles is to develop good working relationships with the Stake Presidents. And all of our Stake Presidents are fabulous. Each of them place great importance on the mission work going on in their stakes and make it a real priority. This of course translates into good ward mission programs, good ward mission leaders, and the ultimate goal- member referrals (which are the jackpot to missionaries).

These Stake Presidents are so devoted to mission work. Three of them hold monthly Saturday morning breakfasts for the missionaries in their stake where they discuss the mission needs, specific individual investigators by name, and get to know all the missionaries serving in their boundaries. Pres. tries to attend as many of these as he can. The missionaries love these.

President Albright has two dynamite counselors who attend most of these CC's with him and also cover them when there is a conflict of schedule (which is quite regular). Presidents Burton and Erickson are devoted and love the mission work.

Last Saturday he had 4 meetings. 6:30, 10:30, 4:30, and 7:00. That's a lot of meeting. But I must say he loves it and loves these stakes and their leaders. DC South really is the best.

You might ask, What does Sis Albright do while President is working so hard? We'll this week, I'll be washing at least 20 loads of sheets, towels, and table clothes from the transfer week. 30 beds slept in. 30 top sheets, 30 bottom, sheets, 30 pillow cases, 30 towels, and about 12 table clothes. A few of them get over anxious making beds and strip off the mattress protectors and blankets. So I'll have to put those back on. There were 11 arriving missionaries, 13 departing, plus the assistants stay that night, 3 out of town guests, and a Sr couple departing who stayed a night. I think that totals 30 beds slept in. We have 11 bunks, a couch bed, a king bed, and 6 mats downstairs for elders and 8 beds upstairs for sisters and out of town guests. Good thing we have 3 sets of sheets for each bed. And of course the bathrooms will need a little cleaning. Pretty exciting work.


I think this is one of my favorite miracle stories. It demonstrates how important love is to missionary work. When people know you love and care for them, that you are filled with charity, or the pure love of Christ, they open their hearts to your message. Elders West and Westover are 2 great young men and know how to show that kind of love.


Things are going great! We see small and big miracles every day! Yesterday in particular we started the day off with a small miracle that gave us a boost to finish the day strong. An investigator that lives in our building, Veena, a short Hindu woman about 60 years old, accidentally threw her keys away the night before while dumping her trash in the large commercial dumpster located in our parking lot. It was dark and an ice storm made it cold and miserable outside. She called the apartment management company and the sanitation company. When they both refused to help her, she called various friends. No one was willing to start a night search, especially during the storm. Finally the next morning she called us frantically because she didn't know what else to do! Every important key she had was on that one ring with no copies anywhere! My companion Elder West said, "Sure, we can come help you find your keys!" So we dressed up in our dumpster diving outfits and started going through the trash, which was now covered in ice and snow! We searched high and low and eventually we actually found her missing keys! Talk about a needle in a haystack! It sounds like such a small thing, but it was actually so big to her that she started to cry with joy. We told her that the Lord really does care about us and answer our prayers, sometimes even for what seems to be a small thing! We continued to teach her the lessons and she is now scheduled to be baptized next week! Thank you for your prayers. We feel them every day.

Elder Westover

Saturday, February 19, 2011


This morning we had to split in 2 groups because we had elders leaving from both Dulles and Reagan Airports at the same time.
So the assistants took the largest group in the van with the U-Haul filled with luggage and we took the truck with the 3 going to Dulles.
Here we are at the airport with Elders Holmstead, Logan and Bullock. (I guess they were lucky to leave from Dulles, the Reagan flight arrived at their connection in Denver late because of headwind and missed their next flight) They had to stay in a hotel and get a flight Sat morning at 10:30.

I'm sure we had some sad moms on Friday. I am so sorry. We will miss them so much.

Packing the U-Haul in front of the mission home
3 Assistants- Elders Holmstead, Doman and Karren


We are starting a new fad--Bowling in Ties and White shirts.
After testimony meeting at the mission home we head out for some fun and relaxation. The bowling alley is a favorite. These pictures speak for themselves. They are just fun to be around and to watch the competitive juices flow. It's definitely the latest they have been up for 2 years. We head to the airport in the morning.

Elder Karren

Elder Sackett

Elder McFarlane
Elder Doman. He can throw it so hard it almost knocks the house down. He scored 180. A lot of power behind his ball
Elder Holmstead
Elder Doman and Karren
Elders Peterson, Schaelling and Schmidt
Elders Doman and Parker
Elders Robbins and Bullock
Elders Holmstead and Sackett
Elder Garlick and Pres.
Elder Wallace. He bowls like an athlete. Beautiful form and finese.

E. Holmstead--a strike

Elder Hill
Elder Hill with that darling face he makes

Elder Peterson
Elder Bullock
Elder Schaelling
E Peterson, Schmidt and Bullock
Elder Robbins
Elder Logan
Elder Parker
Elder Schmidt
Elders Karren, Sackett, Holmstead, Robbins
Elder Garlick, Sackett, Doman

Elder McFarlane and Hill


Hard to put into words how it feels to watch this group depart. They are a great group of wonderful young men and sr. Missionaries. They have all been valiant and hardworking. We lose an Assistant, 5 zone leaders, 3 district leaders, 2 office recorders and devoted, kind elders.
We had a yummy dinner, the tradition is ribs. And then my very favorite meeting of all.
A private testimony meeting. This is so incredible. To have them share their feelings the night before they head home is an experience I just can't explain. They grow from boys to men in these two years, they change in so many ways. They develop so many incredible characteristics that it would take a life time to develop with out a mission. And they know this and have such gratitude for this experience and what is has done for them. They are profoundly grateful for the privilege , the honor of serving a mission. Most of them express the desire to stay if they could. They are excited to see family, but are leaving a portion of their hearts here in Virginia. And they realize that the greatest conversion work they did on their missions was themselves.
Pres. Albright told them that in the MTC we were told that even without converting anyone else, missions would be worth it because of what it does for the missionaries. It creates a whole army of Latter-Day Leaders armed with gospel knowledge and unwavering testimonies.
I wish all the parents and families could observe this meeting and your hearts would swell with pride at what and who your sons and daughters have become. Thank you so much for sharing them with us. We love them. Elder and Sister Clawson, Elders Schaelling, Hill, Garlick, Holmstead, Wallace, Sackett, Sis and Pres. Albright, Back Row: Elders Peterson, Bullock, Logan, McFarlane, Robbins.
Dinner with Departing missionaries. Elder Wallace's family came to dinner also. His parents came from Texas and his Brother and Sister in Law live right here in the mission. The Ericksons also attended. Also pictured are the Clawsons, a wonderful couple from St. George Utah who have been serving at the Quantico Marine Base. Elder Clawson is retired Marine and they were devoted and loved by the base.

Pres Albright with Elders Hill, Bullock, Schaelling, McFarlane, Garlick, Robbins, Peterson, Wallace, Logan, Sackett, Parker, and Schmidt.

Elder Bullock hangs his tie.
Elders Doman (Assistant),Garlick, Holmstead (Assistant) and Sackett

Elders Robbins, McFarlane, and Logan
Elders Peterson and Hill


After transfer meeting, everyone heads to the parking lot to begin the confusion of moving luggage, all belongings, and bikes to new vehicles for transport to the new areas. When the transfer involves about 150 missionaries as it did this time, their is a lot of work, packing, and mostly visiting going on in the parking lot. After an hour, I have to put on my "general" hat and start encouraging them to leave. I know they love each other and want to say hello to former companions and friends they haven't seen and so this can be a long process. They departing missionaries are also busy telling everyone goodbye, as they will be heading to the mission home and their final evening in the mission.

The meeting was wonderful. They departing missionaries each share a few thoughts, their testimony and some advice for the "younger" missionaries. They are the seasoned, wise missionaries and have incredible words of wisdom to impart. We have some musical numbers and talks and it is an exciting and spiritual meeting.

This transfer a 10th zone was organized. We now have 2 spanish zones- A North (Old Town) and South (Potomac). We also organized 2 Sister Exchange leaders now. One for the Spanish and one for the English. Sister Larsen and Lee.
Sisters Lee and Larsen with the exchange board.
Elders Jones and Chance Johnson (we have 3 Johnsons)
Elders Toby Peterson (we have 3 Petersons) and Elder Schmidt
Sisters Balsley and Vaitai
Sisters Barrero, Aulava, Malmberg, and Murray
Elders Wallace, Jacobsen, and McFarlane
Elders Slade and Dickson with White in background
Elder Sackett and Sis Albright. We are sure going to miss this elder.
Sisters Trepanier and Spencer with Elder Sackett
Elders Garlick and Harper
Sis Murray with her new companion Sis Malmberg
Elders Tejada, Slade, McFarlane
Elder Logan, a gentle giant
Sisters Nichols and Sorensen and Elder Hill
Elders Holmstead and Sherwani. We are going to miss our wonderful Assistant, Elder Holmstead. He is loved by everyone.
Elders Wallace and Holmstead, both leaving behind big holes and big shoes to fill.
Elder McFarlance. Kind to everyone and a Zone Leader

Elder Hill. One happy elder. A hardworking office elder and District Leader
Elder Robbins- Another hardworking office elder and District Leader