Sunday, December 18, 2011


Our son Steven and his family arrived on November 2, 2011. So excited to have them here.
His wife is Misti and they have 3 children: Madison-3, Mason-1, and Grayson 5 months.
They are just adorable. And it was wonderful to get to know them. Grayson is our new little grandson that has had lots of medical problems and has been diagnosed with Russell-Silver Syndrome-a rare form of dwarfism. This syndrome will be a life long disability. He doesn't have much ability to suck and therefore eats very little. You can see in the pictures that he is fed through a tube in his nose. At 5 months he only weighs about 7 lbs. They have come east to visit with a Dr. New York City who is the foremost authority in the country on this syndrome.
So Steve and Misti took Grayson and went to NY for 2 days and Pres and I got to keep Madi and Mason. such fun. We took them on long walks in the forest and they were fascinated with the leaves. We went to the zoo and the park. We had a delightful time. I loved every minute.

Grayson with the microphone before the Mission Home Fireside.
Madi likes the microphone too, but she was a little shy.
They loved the swing set. Isn't it great they have a nice swing set here at the mission home.

At the Zoo: Madi with Papa
and Mason
viewing the elephants

On our way into the zoo

Lunch in the zoo cafeteria. They even have peanut butter and jelly

At the petting zoo
The colors this week were just beautiful. Starting to change.
vibrant colors
Our neighborhood

Pres Albright and I took the kids for a walk through the woods by our house.
Madison was so excited about the leaves and the moss on the trees
And Mason loved the sticks
Leaves everywhere
Walking over the bridge

Grama Karyn with M&M

Posing on the driveway
Grayson is so adorable. Misti tried to feed him bottles but he only managed about a half ounce in an hour.

Isn't he precious
Pres. and Madison and Mason
Steven with his kids

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