Sunday, December 18, 2011


Hello President!! On Wednesday night we were trying to figure out what to do after dinner. Our plans had fallen through for the evening and we were on our way to check on a potential investigator. I was feeling a little down, mainly because our week had not been as "successful" number-wise as I would have liked. While reviewing our situation I prayed with total sincerity to God to lead us to someone who needed us. I tried to leave my mind blank as Elder Staples was driving. As I pondered over the will of the Lord an image of a large multi-building apartment complex (that we had knocked about two months ago) came into my mind. I thought it was strange, but tried to focus even more on that image to find out where the Lord wanted us to go when we arrived there. A specific building came to my mind, on top of a hill. I asked Elder Staples if we could go there, and he replied "Of course!" ( I love Elder Staples). We went, but had a hard time parking the car, and I feared that we would miss the person that we were supposed to find there. A quiet voice told me to calm down, and that everything was happening for a reason. There were a few ways to get to the building that I had seen in my mind's eye, but I felt impressed that we should take a shortcut across the lawn even though it was dark outside. As we walked across the lawn we contacted a woman standing outside. To make a long story short her name is Elsa. She had been meeting with sister missionaries about five years ago. We asked her if we would be able to send over the sister missionaries again to visit with her and she replied "Of course!!! Can I give you my number?" We went away feeling great. We passed her contact information over to the sister missionaries in our ward. They went over and met with Elsa, and quickly set her on date for baptism!! She's going to be baptized on the 19th of December, her birthday. She was at church on Sunday, and I was so happy to see her there! The sisters told us that the day we found her she had actually been looking for the phone number of the sister missionaries that had taught her previously, but she couldn't find it. We then found her that very night standing outside!!! I LOVE THE HOLY GHOST!!! It strengthened my faith and confidence in the Lord to know that He is conscious of all of us in our separate situations. I love missionary work. I wish that there could be words enough to explain it, but words are inadequate!

Much Love,

Elder Wright

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