Sunday, April 15, 2012


Oakton is a beautiful Zone. We had a great day and were so happy to see all the missionaries work so incredibly hard to make their places look "celestial".Stop 1- Zone Leaders Elders Westover and Jensen

We saw this incredibly beautiful parking lot and had to snap a couple of pictures.

Stop 2- Elders Calvert and Williams

So sweet. They had a welcome sign on the door for us. Loved it.

Pretty spotless. It's only my purse making a mess.
Organized supplies
Beautiful patio

Elder Gengler with Elder Williams
Elder Calvert showed off his South Africa soccer T-shirt

3rd Stop- Elders Williams, Ross, Wilson, and Bezzant. This is Elder Williams in front of the poster size picture of his family.
Modern Art
They even arrange nice little sitting room.

All together in the sitting room.
Art work by former DC south missionary.
Beautiful countryside on the way to the next appointment
Horse country.
Deer in the woods right by us.
Stop 4- Sisters Taylor and Ahokava

Sister Taylor, me, and Sister Ahokava
Stop 5- Patio door entrance
pictures of all the missionaries who have lived in the apartment
Elders Dickson and Mann
Stop 6- Elders West and Greggerson

Stop 7- Elders Call and Davis

Stop 8- Sisters Moses and Crockett

Sisters Moses and Crockett posted a welcome note for us. pretty nice.
These girls REALLY REALLY love Cadbury Mini Eggs. Here's the proof
Clean, Clean, Clean

Cute daily thoughts

Last stop- Elders Ursenbach and Johnson

Signed by all the missionaries who lived here.
A member had an extra piano What?

Elder Ursenbach and Johnson


  1. Yeah for Mini Eggs! They can keep you going on a tough day when no one wants to listen, or help you celebrate on a great day when everything goes right!

  2. I am Sister Crockett's sister-in-law :) Love that girl!