Sunday, April 15, 2012


This wonderful missionary from Germany sent President Albright the most touching letter this week. This is really a testimony to me. God knows us, knows where we are, and loves everyone of his children. What a tender mercy for a very special young man serving far away from home.

Dear President, I had a really amazing miracle happen to me this week. I was on an exchange in Sterling Park for a single day and during dinner I had the impression to ask the elders in Sterling if there were any German or German speaking members in their ward. Elder Gronning knew only of one: Brother Ercanbrack. He served his mission in Germany where I am from. I thought that the name sounded kind of familiar, but I didn't know why. So Elder Anderson called him up and asked if we could stop by that night. He said he would be home and we could stop by anytime. So we finished dinner and went to his house. We knocked and they answered the door. The first thing he said when he saw me was:

“What's your name?" (he didn't say "hello elders, great to see you, or how are you doing?" or something like that) Me: "My name is Elder Wloka." Him: "What's your dad's name?" Me: "aehm... Stefan." Him (turning to his wife): "I baptized his dad!" Me (thinking, not able to say anything): "WHAAAAAAAAATTT????????"

So we started talking and he was totally right. He did baptize my dad. He even had a 6 year old Christmas card that my mom sent him. My parents had lost track of him, because he used to live in Utah. Then he moved to Annandale, and after that to Sterling Park. My family also moved twice in Germany since he served his mission. I gave him my parent’s new address, phone number and e-mail address and got his as well. What a tender mercy! Who would have guessed? Here I am, serving a mission in DC South from Germany, go on an exchange to Sterling Park for one day and meet the missionary who baptized my dad and I didn't even know about it. I think I can call that a miracle! The odds are staggering! Love, Elder Wloka

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