Saturday, June 4, 2011


What a beautiful story. Christina Guastello was baptized today- May 17, 2011. Elders Karren taught her daughter about 6 months ago and baptized her. Now her mother wanted to hear about the gospel. She was a wonderful investigator. She grasp a the gospel concepts and was progressing well. But the elders just couldn't get her to commit to comming to church.
Every time they went to her home she gave them treats, food, and often juices. One day when they were visiting she gave them a juice. It was a very dark color. When they asked her what it was she playfully said, " if you can guess what it is, I promise I will go to church". Elder Doman guessed, and then Elder Karren went into another room and said a prayer.
"Lord, I know you know what this juice is and you want her to go to church. And I don't know what kind of juice it is." He asked the Lord to tell him what it was. He returned to the kitchen and when she asked he said, "I it Black Currant juice?. She just about died. She opened the fridge and there it was, A bottle that said "Black Curant Juice". Great Faith, Great Miracle. So she came to church and now she is a member.

Christine with Elders Rex, Karren and Doman

Elders Rex and Doman sang a song
Sis Ferry played music between the ordinance and the meeting.
Christine and her husband and daughter

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