Monday, November 28, 2011


Hi President, We had a miracle day on Saturday. A dear sweet member who is 77 years old named Sister Alarcon accompanied us from 9:30 a.m. until 7 p.m.! This dear woman taught me the true meaning of missionary work. From the moment she got in the car, she thanked us for inviting her and told us that she had always wanted to be a missionary. She filled our car with her love and the Spirit. From the moment she got out of the car, SHE contacted everyone she saw. She ran up to them and hugged them, then held their hand as she asked where they were from and introduced herself. She immediately bore her testimony of God's love, that Christ lives and that we have a prophet today who is led by Jesus Christ. Wow, it was a beautiful thing to behold.

At one point, we were on our way to an appointment, when I noticed a man sitting in his car. The Spirit whispered to go talk to him, but I brushed it away and tried to get in our car to go to the next appt. As I was about to sit down, I looked over and saw dear sweet Sister Alarcon hugging this man and sharing the Gospel with him. It turns out that this young father and his wife had previously been taught by Elders Tovar and Cuevas not too long ago and he still carries his Book of Mormon with him and reads it daily. He now has a testimony of the Book of Mormon. We stopped by later that day, and had a beautiful, spirit-filled lesson. They even came to church the next day. Dear Sister Alarcon has changed my mission forever by her example. There was not one person who rejected her, even if they didn't have true interest, they were all so touched by her love and testimony. I can only pray to develop her faith and energy!

Love, Sister Dana

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