Tuesday, November 9, 2010



The first conference was held in Centreville. A great day with lots of wonderful talks, presentations, reports, lunch, music and encouragement.
Elder Scott conducted. He and Elder LeRochelle are the Zone Leaders in Centreville.
We always start with a motivational thought on "our Purpose" Elder Buie gave this and is always inspiring.
President Albright opens up the meeting with lots of motivation and enthusiasm. He got everyone all excited and committed to being the first mission to reach 100% baptism invites in a week. So our goal was set.
He told all about the Mission Presidents' Seminar, the wonderful things we learned there and showed slides and videos.
I followed with thoughts on Faith, one of the principles of the Gospel.
Next, Assistants Williams and Karren spoke and as usual were the best.
Elders Jones and Davie (zone leaders in Ashburn talked about Extending committments. and Elders LaRochelle and Scott introduced the skills practice. Elders Bryson and Holmgren talked about apartments and cars. Lots of fun and awards. We had a wonderful lunch. And Elder Liew played a musical number on the piano.And all I can say is WOW. He is incredible.
Elder Thompson gave a departing testimony before he goes home next transfer and President closed the meeting with fun remarks, and a reminder to reach our goal: 100% Baptism Invites
Centerville Zone
Ashburn Zone
Paying close attention
Taking lots of notes.
Elder Williams
Elder Buie
Elders LaRochelle and Scott present

Skills Practices

Elder Bryson--Apartment King
Lunch Time

Singing Called to Serve

Lunch Angels
Office Elders Bates and Peterson
Assistants and Pres
Car Czar Elder Holmgren

Ironman Award; longest time on a bike

Elder Liew wows us all
Elder Horton
Sister Kohler

Elder Thompson gives departing testimony

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