Tuesday, November 30, 2010


The second Zone conference was held, Nov 3, 2010. McLean and Oakton zone attended.
Elders Stuart and McGill are the Zone Leaders in McLean. And Elders Hall and Holmstead are ZL in Oakton. The program followed the same format each conference.
At this one Elder Hancock played the organ for the songs we sang and it was beautiful. The Assistants presented on "Our commitment to God" Elders McGill and Stuart on Extending commitments and Holmstead and Hall lead the skills practice. Sister Trepanier sang a solo and did a lovely job. Elders Ika and McGill gave departing testimonies. It was an uplifting and we left the same challenge.: 100% Baptismal Invitations.
Oakton Zone-- front row:Elder Karren, Barrett, Sister Banks, Hornbeck, Kelley, Elder Ika, Sisters Murray, Ferry, Trepanier, Pres. and Sis. Albright, Sitting: Elders Orme,Knowles , Roothoff, Slade, Kirkham, Shupe, Gillihan, Cook, Standing: Elders Peterson, Williams, Greer, Hancock, Smallcomb, Hall, Bazzle, Homstead, Bigler

MCLEAN ZONE: Elder Karren, Sisters olorsaikhan, Flores, Elders Franzwa, Stuart, McGill, Tamir, Schaelling, Sister Albright, Pres Albright, Back row: Bothwell, Lawson, Parker, Logan, Bullock, Choi, Hiatt, and Williams
President Albright gets excited and walks around while he talks.
Elder Karren

Elder Williams

Introducing Skills practic: Elders Hall, McGill, and Stuart
Elders Holmstead and Hall
Good job of notetaking. They are all listening intently. we like that

Office Elders Bates and Peterson

Skills practice: Sisters Trepanier and Ferry, Elders Kirkham and Shupe
Sisters Kelley and Banks practice with Murray and Hornbeck
Elders Holmstead, Greet, Bazzle, Orme and Hancock

Elders Knowles, Roothoff, Cook and IkaElders Hall, Karren, Peterson and ?
Elders Smallcomb, Williams, Barrett, Bigler, and Gillihan
Lunch tables

Sisters: Hornbeck, Murray, Ferry, Bolorsaikhan, Banks, Flores, Trepanier, and Kelley
Elder and Sister Holmgren
Relief Society sisters

Singing Called to Serve
Elders Stuart and McGill get candy bars for a clean car
Sisters Banks and Kelley
Elders Roothoff and Knowles
Sisters Bolorsaikhan and Flores- 1st place
Last place, vegtables to give energy to clean the car
Elder Holmgren entertains
Sister Hornbeck gives a talk
Elder Lawson
Sister Trepanier singing

Elder Stuart conducting

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