Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Two times each year the missionaries are not allowed to go out and proselyte in the evenings. Halloween and New Years Eve. And so each zone gets together for an activity. Usually at the church or sometimes a member in the zone invites them all to their homes. We invite the Annandale Zone each year because the mission home is in that zone. So we had a wonderful activity at the mission home on Halloween. We had a great dinner and then they area allowed to watch the movies we have approved. This years choice "How to train your Dragon". They loved the movie and it was great fun. The zone includes: Sisters Samuels, Nichols, Aulava, and Funch-front row. On the couch: Elders Williams, Caresia, West, Tovar, and Sackett. Standing: Sisters Garbrick and Spencer. Seated behind couch: Staples,Robbins, Tilleman, Standing: Cheung, Johnson, and Karren. Back:
Elders Bates, Peterson, Chow, Bramwell, Allen, and Barraza and missing Elder Stewart.
The big screen
Elders Tovar, Bramwell, and Tilleman

Elders Caresia and West
Elder Karren showing his Canadian roots.
Elders Stewart, Karren and Barraza
Elder Sackett and Williams with my aprons
Elders Karren and Williams
Our newest Sister Samuels. She is from Pakistan and is serving a mission on Temple Square in Salt Lake City. She is spending 3 months with us on a proselyting mission.
Sis Funch
The movie is about to start

The balcony

Sisters together

The Elders: Chow, Allen, Cheug, Barraza, Tilleman, Robbins, Stewart, Peterson, Johnson, Bates, Caresia, and West
Elder Tovars first time carving a pumpkin

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