Tuesday, November 9, 2010


What a wonderful training we had with all the sisters. We focused on how they are each blessed with talents and gifts and the ability to be great missionaries. They have to love themselves and believe in themselves. They are all incredible missionaries, obedient and successful. People love to talk with sisters because they are so sweet. But like all us women, the expect perfection of themselves. I think everyone was very inspired and went alway feeling uplifted. We also trained on the new lessons and the focus of the work. The whole group.
The Assistants, Elders Williams and Karren came and served lunch. They were not so sure about wearing the crowns, but were good sports. Thanks Elders--your'e the best.
We had a very special visitor. Sister Bay was in town visiting with her parents and we invited her to the training. She looks 'WOW"

Breadsticks for lunch, with chicken alfredo, salad, fruit, and cake. YUM
This table: Sis. Dalrymple, Garbrick, Spencer, Bennett,and Gwynn
Sisters Alvarado, Kohler, Balsley, and Trepanier
Sisters Larsen, Hornbeck, Barrero and Samuels
Three Kings. Elders Williams, Albright, and Karren

Our Assistants--Elders Williams and Karren
President Albright speaking
Sister Bay
Sister Funch spoke
Sister Malmberg at the piano
Sisters Larsen and Gwynn sang a beautiful song
Sister Banks spoke and Sister Baxter (somehow I missed a picture of her, sorry)
Sisters Aulava and Alvarado sang a song that they had written. It was great
A room filled with beauties
Sisters Ferry, Balsley, Alvarado, Lee, Hornbeck, and Banks
Sisters Bolorsaikhan, Kelley, Malmberg, Aulava, Nichols, and Murray
Sisters Larsen, Baxter, Hornbeck, Barrero, Kirakosyan and Samuels
Sisters Kelley, Bolorsikhan, Murray, Malmberg, and Aulava
Sisters Dalrymple, Garbrick, Ferry and Bennett

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