Monday, September 6, 2010


A fun Oakton Zone Activity. Volleyball, basketball, pingpong, lots of food and laughter.Elders Barrett, Butcher, Cuevas, Ika, Bodily, Kirkham, Bolos, Chuch, Sisters Trepanair and Murray, Elder Hancock, BackRow: Elders Brogan, Hougaard, Grundvig, Knowles, Pres & Sis Albright, Yancey, Hansen, Bill Smith and sisters Henderson, Larsen and Balsley.
Sister Henderson and Murray watch from the swing. It was a hot day

Elders Church and Hancock
Elder finds the ball again

Sister Larsen was really good at volleyball. She played in high school
Elder Ika
Elder Church goes over the back
Elders Cuevas, Kirkham, Hansen and Church
Hansen goes for it

Elder Cuevas serves

Elders Bodily and Hansen go for it together.
Elders Kirkham and Ika
Elders Grundvig, Church, Bodily, Cuevas, Knowles, Butcher.
Elders Barrett and Hensen
Elders Bolos, Grundvig and Hougaard
Good food
Pres. and Elders Cuevas and Brogan, the Zone Leaders
The sisters gather in the dinning room

Tired after playing hard
Mission home is for relaxing

We had an activity at the mission home for the Oakton Zone on Aug 23. We had a lot of fun. We had a great barbecue, volleyball, pingpong, foosball, and Roping and lots of visiting. This is Elder Williams teaching roping.
Elder Kirkham is the good sport getting roped.

Got those back legs.

Sister Murray takes a turn

The volleyball went under the patio and elder Kirkham again to the rescue-good sport.

Elder Grundvig gives it a try.
Elder Ika, McGill, and Sis Balsey look on

Bill Smith helped us barbecue. He is a great man in the Annandale ward who loves and takes good care of the missionaries.

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