Saturday, September 18, 2010


Our daughter Ashlee with her precious babies. So fun to have them here.

A very Happy Grandma. My newest grandchild, Beckett Jensen, was born 4 months ago and I finally got to see and hold him. Ashlee brought her two precious babies to visit. They arrived on August 31st and stayed for 2 wonderful weeks. We had a glorious time. And these two babies are the sweetest, most beautiful little ones and Ashlee is a tender and loving mom. What a great blessing for us to have 14 day with them here. Ashlee wanted to be here for Transfer Week and see all the fun. So we just dragged them all along with us for the 2 weeks and so lots of pictures with missionary activities will include them for 2 weeks. Thanks for coming Ashlee. Love you all.Introducing Beckett Jensen. He is just beautiful and always happy.
And this is our Dakota. PRECIOUS

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