Sunday, September 19, 2010


On Sept 3, 2010, we sent 4 wonderful missionaries home after serving their very best for 18-24 months. We will miss these 4. They are: Sisters Hahn and Bagley and Elders Clinger and Larsen. In front of the mission home in the morning as we get ready to leave for the airport.
Airport checkin.
4 in a row. Bagley, Larsen, Hahn and Clinger
Pres. and the Assistants wait by the van
Pres. with Elder Larsen and Clinger
Sister Hahn with my grandbaby, Dakota
The sisters and I
In front of the church as we leave the Transfer Meeting.
The final supper. Sister Bagley, Elder Williams, the Holmgrens, Elders Stockham, Bates, Lee, Larson and Clinger and Sister Hahn
We give each departing missionary a book that contains info about the mission and memories and their weekly letters, a map, pictures, etc. We have a wonderful and special testimony meeting and feel so close to these missionaries as they share a departing testimony. It is just so beautiful. Then we hand out the books. Then after visiting for a while, it is time to bowl.

After dinner and serious activities off to the bowling alley. Sister Hahn, Bagley, Elders Williams, Lee, Larsen and Clinger

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