Saturday, September 18, 2010


Sis Bagley above &

Elder Larsen below

We have 6 missionaries leaving this week. Sisters Hahn and Bagley. And Elders Larsen and Clinger. They came on Tues morning, the same day Ashlee, our daughter arrived. We had fruit and rolls while they took turns being interviewed by Pres. Albright. And get to visit with the rest of them while they sign the scriptures and mark their favorite verse, give me a writeen conversion story of their choice for a book and hang their tie on the banister. It is like a rite of passage. Lots of fun. ( I can't find sis Bagleys' picture, but when i find it I will put in in)Sis. Hahn
Sis. Frandsen, who left a couple of days ago.
Sis Henderson, who also left for Spain a couple of days earlier
Sister Hahn marking her tie
Elder Clinger at the banister
ElderLarsen marking the scriptures.
Elder Shupe and Bro Gaspaar. (They drove one of the elders over to the house)

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