Friday, September 17, 2010


Our farewell temple trip to another wonderful group. We attended the temple on Wed, August 25, 2010. We have 6 missionaries leaving this next week. We went to lunch following the temple. This is a really sweet group. They have all been diligent and obedient missionaries and so filled with love for the work and the people. We will miss you.
A beautiful day at the temple. The weather was lovely and the grounds looked spectacular.
From left: Pres and Sis Albright, Sisters Hahn, Bagley and Henderson (Sister Frandsen couldn't come.) And elders: Lee (AP), Clinger, Williams(AP), Larsen, Ford and Stockham (Office recorders).
Sis. Bagley
Sis Henderson, Visa waiter, heading to Spain next week after a 3 month wait serving here.
Sis. Hahn
Elder Clinger
Elder Larsen
The 5 departing missionaries

Pres. and I with Elder Ford who is leaving the office to work in the field. He will be missed.
The presidential helicopters,(always in 3's) flew over the temple. Who knows?

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