Monday, December 6, 2010


ANOTHER GREAT ZONE CONFERENCE. The Annandale and MtVernon zones met together on Nov 4, 2010. Lead by zone Leaders Bell and Garlick in Mt Vernon and Sackett and Tovar in Annandale. Great presentations. Really creative and energetic leaders. It was inpiring. Annandale Zone: Not in any order: Sackett, Tovar, Tilleman, Johnson, Caresia, West, Robbins, Bramwell, Cheung, Chow, Bates, Peterson, Williams, Karren, Stewart, Allen, Nichols, Spencer, Barraza, Staples, Funch, and Aulava, Samuuel, and Garbrick.

Mt Vernon Zone in no order; Sisters Baxter, Kirakosyan, Bennett, and Lee, Elders Bell, Garlick, Ta'ufo'ou, Schmidt, McFarlane, Wallace, Rusk, Earl, Romeroy, Hanna, Skousen, Bodily, Morrill, and Tacaki.

They love to hear President Albright speak.

Zone Leaders Tovar and Sackett
Elders Bramwell, Ta'ufo'ou, and Garlick

Elders Garlick and Bell,

Elders Schmidt and Ta'ufo'ouLunch time

Zone Sisters: Funch, Samuel, Kirakosyan, Garbrick, Albright, Baxter, Lee, Bennett, Aulava and Spencer
Our 4 Canadians: Elders Karren, Hanna, and Tilleman and Sister Malmberg
Elders Earl and Johnson and Sisters Dalrymle and Lee
Lunch ladies
Celebrating Birthdays
Clean Car awards: Sisters Aulava and Funch
Sisters Garbrick and Samuels
Elders Johnson and Tilleman
1st place Sisters Bennett and Lee
Dirty car award: Elders Stewart andAllen
4 Zone Leaders
Elders Williams and Karren-- our Assistants
Elder Caresia
Elder Morrill

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