Thursday, February 16, 2012


We held a Leadership Meeting on February 9, 2012. This was a great meeting.
President Albright always gets them the missionaries excited and inspired.
The APs gave a presentation on Effective questions and our 480 goals
ZLs Slade and Whipple taught on the PMG Invite
ZLs Parker talked about filling out baptismal records (this is really important because until the record is filled out correctly and submitted to Salt Lake City the baptism is not complete or counted).
ZLs West and Church held a council on correcting diobedience
After the meetings ended, I went with them to CiCis pizza and President Albright went to the temple with Elder Bazzle who is departing in the morning.
The assistants and office elders attend plus all Zone Leaders and District Leaders.
And this time the sister Exchange coordinators were also invited.
Those invited were:
Elders Kotyk and Peterson - Assistants
Elders Harb and Bay - Office Elders

Elders Carter and Mower - ZoneLeaders Annandale
Elders Norris, Nelson, Paswaters - District Leaders Annandale

Elders Church and Dallin West - Zone Leaders- Ashburn
Elders Perry, Liew- District Leaders - Ashburn

Elders Slade and Whipple - Zone Leaders Centreville
Elders Zabriskie, Freeman, Terry- District Leaders - Centreville

Elders Skousen and Walker - Zone Leaders - Fredericksburg
Elders Sherwani, Dakota Anderson, Cook, Hussey- District Leaders

Elders Horton and Campbell- Zone Leaders - McLean Zone
Elders Dickson, Hanson, Gubler- District Leaders

Elders Chance Johnson and Ryan White- Zone Leaders - Mt Vernon
Elders Earl, Harper Taylor, Wright- District Leaders

Elders Westover and Jensen- Zone Leaders Oakton
Elders Lafeen, Carnline and Bezzant- District leaders

Elders Yancey and Parker- Zone Leaders Woodbridge
Elders Edgington, Garrett White, Tejada- District Leaders

Sisters Rozsa and Vogelsberg - exchange leaders and their companions Sisters Yoon and Dana

Group picture

I gave a lesson about the Leadership Lifesavers-Love, Laughter, Listening and Loyalty(trust). We talked about the importance of each of these in being leaders. And we had an activity about listening. They were split into 2 groups. They all wore blindfolds and then had to put themselves into order according to their birthdays. This required alot of listening and working together. Then they had to get in order according to other things like,
height, last names, etc. This is a really fun activity. It was pretty fun to watch.

Elders Church, Wright, and Gubler teach

Elder White teaches.

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