Thursday, February 16, 2012


2nd day of Zone Conference held with Woodbridge and Fredericksburg. We always feel like our presentations get a little better each day. By the 4th or last day we finally have it right (haha).
The Zone leaders did a wonderful job of their presentations, as usual. These young men are just inspiring and I love hearing from them.
Woodbridge Zone: Back Row- Elders Tacaki, Fajardo, Tanner Wilson, Forrest, Tejada, Peterson, Kotyk, Bigler, Villarreal, Hiatt, and Mendoza Front Row- Elders Call, Barney, Garrett White, Worthington, Edgington, Litchfield, Yancey, Parker, Sister Christensen, Sister and Elder Heller, Sister and Elder Plummer and Sister and Pres Albright
Fredericksburg Zone: back row- Elders Rasmussen, Timothy, Gates, Meitler, Frazier, Watson, Anderson, Rios, Odenwalder, Cook, Peihopa, Schwendiman, Kotyk and Lewis. Front Row- Elders Walker, Rith, Cowley, Pyne, Yazzie, Sherwani, D Anderson, Hill, Stahley, Hussey, Sisters Vogelsberg, and Dezzeo, Sister Christensen, Elders Phillips, Young, Skousen, Sister and Pres Albright
happy birthday in the last 6 weeks
President Albright teaches

Umm. Lunch. Elders White, Watson, Hussey, Parker, Edgington, Barney, and Worthington
Elders Fajardo, Frazier, Litchfield, Staley, Kotyk, Pyne , and Bay
Elders Bigler, Cook, Pyne, Yancey, Odenwalder, Anderson, Yazzie, and Hill
Elders Peterson, Hanna, Elder Doyle, Rith (with pitcher) , Gates, Rasmussen, and Timothy
Elders Sherwani, Meitler, Forrest, Cowley, Peihopa, and Schwendiman
Elder Tacaki, Hiatt, Tejada, Young, Villareal, Mendoza, and Walker
Elder and Sister Plummer, Dr and Sis Christensen, Pres and I, Sisters Dezzeo, and Vogelsberg
Elders Dakota Anderson, Lewis, Wilson, Elder and Sister Heller, and Elder Bryson
Elders Harb and Rios join the table
lunch sisters
Singing for lunch: Called to serve
Elder Parker thanks the Relief Society sisters
Elders Bryson and Doyle, Pres, Assistants Kotyk and Peterson, and Elder Liew at the piano
Elder Doyle with car awards: Sisters Vogelsberg and Dezzeo
Elders Phillips and Young
Elders Watson and Anderson
The Bikers

Elder Barney--Iron Man on a bike
Elder Peterson teaches
Elder Kotyk gives counsel.
Giving an example of inviting the spirit
Elder Walker
Elder Skousen
Practice teaching
More practice
Elder Wright always brings a smile to my face.
Elders Rios, Meitler, Tacaki and Mendoza practice with Elder Parker looking on.

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