Thursday, February 16, 2012


4th and last day of Zone conferences. Ashburn and Centreville zones met together in Centreville. Had a wonderful conference. Ashburn Zone: Pres and Sister Albright, Elders Perry, Liew, Wolka, Sisters Holt and Hayes, Elders Church and Gregerson, Back Row: Elders Peterson, Kotyk, Gronning, West, Williams, Hubbard, Johnson, Holfeltz, Jeungling, and Sjon Johnson
Centreville Zone: Back Row- Elders Peterson, Slade, Kotyk, Lau, Whipple, Dastrup, Freeman, Zabriskie, Scott, Terry, Perez, Polkowske. Front Row- Pres and Sis Albright, Elders Ravia, Smallcomb, Creager, Flaherty, Sisters Patten, Ganbaatar, Olsen, Yoon, Rozsa, Sister Christensen, Elders Fitzpatrick, and Bramwell

Sisters Patten and Ferrin, Elders Bay, Whipple, Slade, and Peterson
Elders Zabriskie, Donaldson, Harb, Terry, Perez, Johnson, and Polkowske
Sisters Holt, Hayes, Elder Kotyk, Sisters Rozsa, Yoon, Ganbaatar, and Olsen
Elders Gronning, Smallcomb, Dastrup, Hubbard, Lau, and Bramwell
Elders Perry, Freeman, Gregerson, Wolka, Fitzpatrick and Scott
Elders Juengling, Johnson, Ravia, Flaherty, Holfeltz, Lewis, and Creager
Sister and Dr Christensen, Elder Bryson, President
Elder Liew, Elder Doyle, Church and West

Elder Hubbard
Elder Dallin West
Elders Lewis and Gregerson
Elder Juengling
Elder Holfeltz
Elder Sjon Johnson
Elder Johnson
Sister Christensen presents Pres and I with a Title of Liberty with all the missionaries signature. They have been signing this all week. What a special gift. We love it.
Elder Perry and Wolka
Sisters Ganbaatar and Olsen
Sisters Yoon and Rozsa

Elder Liew Iron Man
Elders Church and Dallin West

Elder Dallin West
Elder Church
Elder Slade
Elder Whipple
President Albright

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