Thursday, February 16, 2012


Our first zone conference this time was held in Annandale with the Mt Vernon and Annandale Zones on January 31, 2012. This was a wonderful conference. Felt such a great spirit.
We focused on the first two fundamental lessons, the Doctrine-our Purpose to invite, and the importance of the Holy Ghost in converting.
The presentations and talks and activities were all super well done and everyone really enjoyed everything and felt very inspired and motivated.
We had Dr and Sister Christensen visiting with us for the 4 conferences. He is the area mental health authority. We invited them to come and give a presentation on mental health. They were wonderful and the missionaries enjoyed their presentation and learned a lot. It was fun to have them stay with us for the week and come to all the conferences.
ANNANDALE ZONE: Elder and Sister Christensen, Elders Harb, Littledike, Nelson, Bazzle, Sisters Smith, Lee, Elders Chung, Paswaters, Yates, Carter, Mower, Bay, Sis and Pres Albright
Back Row: Elders Kotyk, Cejudo, Chow, Peterson, Earnshaw, Mochizuki, Aland, Norris, Ochoa, Eaton, and Ursenbach

Mt Vernon Zone: Dr and Sister Christensen, Elders and Sisters Plummer, Carrier, Hepworth, Sisters Dangaasren, Newman, Murray, Mecham, Vaitai, Hardt, Dana, Thompson, Olsen, Sis and Pres Albright. Elders Standing on floor: Chance Johnson, Merrill, Taylor, and White, On stage:
Elders Earl, Peterson, Mngoma, Kotyk, Mooso, Naylor, Ayala, Harper, Wright, Boucher, Orjan Johnsen, Newkirk, Cluff, and Mckwenkwe
E and S Carrier and Hepworth
E. Newkirk, Johnson, Ayala, Harper, Wright, Boucher, Naylor
Sis Lee, Smith, Hardt, Sorensen, Murray, Vaitai, and Mecham

E. Mower, Paswaters, Earl, Chung, Ursenbach, Chow, and Harb
Dr and Sis Christensen, E Earnshaw, Mooso, Bay and Cejudo
Sisters Thompson and Dana, Elders Doyle, Kotyk and Peterson, Sisters Dangaasuren and Newman
Elders Bazzle, Nelson, Carter, Yates, Aland, and Johnson
Elders Eaton, Norris, White, Cluff, Mckwenwe and Mngoma
Elders Boucher, Naylor, Newkirk, Johnson, Ayala, and Harper
Elders Littledike, Mochizuki, Plummers, Merrill, and Taylor
Carriers and Hepworths and Elder Bryson
Singing to the RS Sisters who served lunch
Celebrating birthdays
Relief Society sisters
Sister Dana played a beautiful violin number
Elder Bryson instructs
Assistants Kotyk and Peterson and Zone Leaders Chance Johnson and White
Elder Doyle the car czar presents awards
E Bazzle, Nelson and Aland

E Norris and Eaton
S Mecham and Vaitai
All the bike rikers
Elders Nelson and Taylor- Iron men awards
sisters Hardt and Dana
Elder Peterson instructs
With Elder Kotyk
Elders White and Johnson
Elders Mower and Carter demonstrate
Skills practices

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