Thursday, February 16, 2012


What an exciting trip we took on Monday, January 30, 2012. We have a Sister Lee serving with us in the mission. She is a fantastic missionary. She is the niece of Senator Mike Lee from Utah. We were able to take Sister Lee and her companion Sister Moses to visit the capital and her Uncle. The Senators' office arranged a wonderful private tour of the capital. We got to ride on the underground train that goes from the Senators buildings next to the capital over to the capital and we saw a number of senators. We also were privileged to visit with Senator Lee in his offices in the Hardt building. His staff was wonderful. Bro and Sis. James from our mission help run his office and were very helpful also. We also had the incredible experience of attending -watching from the balcony- a "vote" on the Senate floor. So we saw many senators enter the room, vote and depart. Got to see Washington DC in action. We had a really lovely day. It was great to meet the senator, but extra fun to spend the day with our two sisters.
President, Senator Lee, Sister Lee and Moses, and Sister Albright
Sister Lee at Senator Lees desk
In the office.
One of Sister Lees friends, Maryn works at the Senators office and they were so excited to see each other.
Riding the train to the capital.
Inside the capital, In the statuary room. Utah's statue of Brigham Young with the Sisters.
Sisters entering the statuary room.
The office of John A. Boehner
The ceiling in the rotunda of the capital.
The building and architecture is just breathtaking. Very intricate, and with lots of symbolism and meaning. The tour was very informative and fun.

The original mold for the statue on the roof of the capital of Lady Freedom.

The lobby of the Hardt building where Senator Lee's office is.
The church across the street from the Hardt building.

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