Saturday, October 2, 2010


We had a wonderful 2 weeks with our daughter visiting and she and her kids accompanied us to most of our mission activities. We did take a few afternoon to "play" with them and lots of fun.
We went to a wonderful little zoo, called the Reston Zoo. It sits in the middle of a beautiful master-planned community. We went to the Museum of Natural History so Kota could see the dinosaurs and other animals. We took a boat ride from Old Town, Mt Vernon to George Town. This travels up the Potomac and allows you to view the monuments and other beautiful scenery. It sure is fun to take little ones to these places and watch their delight at everything.

A wagon ride through the Reston Zoo
The zoo had tiny piglets that you could feed with little bottles.
Not sure about the chickens.
A very large barn filled with many baby sheep, goats, etc. We also fed these with baby bottles and feed. They licked it right off your hand.

Took me a while, but I finally got up the nerve. Icky. Had to wash my hands pretty fast.
President was a natural and fed 4 at once.

Feeding the billy goat.
This is George Town. A beautiful setting along the Potomac

The Kennedy Center from the boat
The Lincoln and Washington Memorials.
The Washington Memorial in the distance
Beckett liked the boat and the swaying.
Dakota loved it. She insisted on wearing her new princess dress on every outing.

The Natural History Museum. Kota thought all the animals were "cute"
Under the tyranasaurus Rex
Ashlee and Kota

The entrance to the Museum . This large rotunda houses the large Mammoth Elephant, The one from the "night in the museum" movie.
Inside the sharks mouth
Cereal at the mission home.

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