Saturday, July 16, 2011


The Assistants, Elders Rex and Doman had a wonderful baptism this week. These two young men are from Ghana, Abraham and Daniel. We were at a stake conference in Woodbridge and these 2 young men came in and found the missionaries. Abraham said he had gone to church with some friends back West at BYUI and then moved out here. So they drove around until they found a Mormon church and came in during the Conference. The missionaries spent a few hours with them and were referred them to the missionaries in the area where they lived. The Assistants got to teach them and they loved everything they heard and accepted baptism quickly. The people from Ghana are wonderful people and we are baptizing a lot of them. They are really in tune to the gospel. We are so glad to have Abraham and Daniel as new members. Abraham, Elder Rex, Daniel and Elder Doman.

Abraham was living in Ghana and was wanting to go to a college where there were high standards and morals. Someone there suggested he apply to BYUI. He did some research and
and saw they had very high standards. So he applied and was accepted.
He arrived in Idaho and was met at the airport by Bro. Chance, the RA at the dorm.
He thought it was very cold in Rexburg compared to Africa. He didn't know anything about Mormons or the church. Of course, he was invited to come to church and started learning about the gospel from friends in the dorms. He was reading the book of Mormon and his friend, the RA asked him if he knew it was true. He said he didn't know and was told he needed to pray about it.
He said he read some more, fasted and prayed and had the most amazing feeling he had ever had and wanted to be baptized.
He called his friend about being baptized but said he had to come to VA in just a couple of days to spend the summer with his aunt. So when he got here, he drove around until he found a Mormon chapel. That was the Sunday he walked into Stake conference and told the missionaries he wanted to be baptized. After taking the lessons from Elders Rex and Doman, he was so excited to be baptized. After the ordination he was so excited, he said, "I am now baptized by the correct authority and belong to Christ's church". What a great young man.
He will return to BYUI in the fall.
Daniel came from Ghana to NewYork to stay with an Uncle and from there to Virginia to stay with other relatives. He and Abraham became friends and Abraham told him about the gospel.
So they came to the chapel together and took the lessons together. He is encouraging Daniel to come to BYUI with him. I hope that can happen.

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