Friday, July 15, 2011


Last training on the 13th of July for the McLean and Oakton Zones.
A great group. By the last day, we do our best job. This was a fun group too.
1st Row: Elders Edgington, Hussey, Tilleman, Sisters Ganbaatar, Olsen, Vaitai, & E Barrett.
2nd:Elders Earl, Schwindeman, Williams, Tauofoou, Sherwani, and Parker
3rd: Elders Cheung, Hubbard, Kelley, Bigler, Harper, and a new convert
4th: Elders Tamir, Davis, Forrest, Coleman, Liew, Crockett, and Mower
5th: Elders Doyle, Rex, President, Elders Doman, Reeves, and West
We took 8 elders to lunch after the training. Elders Earl, Schwindeman, Forrest, Liew, Davis, Tamir, Kelley and Sherwani.

This is Elder Tamir, from Mongolia playing the HORSE FIDDLE. It was incredible. He is really accomplished on this instrument from his homeland.
Elder Liew, from Malaysia, accompanied him on the piano. He is a piano performance major in college at home.

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