Saturday, July 9, 2011

GIGANTIC departing fireside - June 19, 2011

We have a really big group departing this time and so their was a huge turn out for this departing fireside. They are very beloved by their investigators, converts and the members of the wards where they served. It was packed to the back of the gym. Elders Kirkham, Staples, Wright and Tovar sang a song. Very nice. great harmony.
Elders Karren has left the seats by us to sit with the departing group. After 9 months with us.

The departing sisters in the choir seats.
Elder Tacaki plays piano. He is a piano performance major, very accomplished,
The sisters departing during the last verse of the closing song, "God Be with You Till We Meet Again". Very sad. I cry every time.
The elders departing

A full house
The Mullins sport Canada Tee shirts to show Elder Karren and Sis Malmberg their love and support. They really love those missionaries.
Elder Rex
Elder Key
Elder Jones
Elder Kirkham
Sister Malmberg
Sister Malmberg
Sister Spencer
Sister Barrero
Sister Barrero
Sisters Barrero and Dana
Elder Karren
Elder Karren
Elder Karren is beloved.
Sis Nichols
Sis Spencer
Elder Scott and Jacobson
Elders Kotyk, Doman and Sherwani

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