Saturday, July 9, 2011


Interviews were in May 2011. The interviews were not 8 days in a row because we had lots of other meetings and activities. And so they were spread out for the next few weeks. And I don't take a lot of pictures at interviews. But we interviewed the following:
Annandale - Tues - May 31
Oakton - Friday, June 3.
Ashburn - Tuesday- June 7
Centreville- Wednesday - June 8
Fredericksburg - Thursday - June 9
McLean - Friday - June 10
Mt Vernon - Tuesday - June 14
Woodbridge - Friday - June 17

We get up early and leaved before 8:00 to drive to interviews. We go to the stake center and President is in a room with a table and 2 chairs and give the "serious" interview. I have the fun. I get to sit in the hallway somewhere with a table and two comfy chairs from the foyer and visit with each missionaries companion while they are with the President. I get to bring treats and hopefully get to know them and their family a little better. We also cover some mission "stuff". Like I ask them about their health and their apartments. And this time we talked about their planners. I asked to see their planner and see how well kept they were. Some of them were great. Some of them-well- could use some work. We talked about the importance of keeping a well organized and filled out planner- because the white handbook and PMG says you are suppose to. But also because of all the other things it can help you with. I told them that Steve Allen - head of the missionary department for the church, says if you master Chapter 8 of PMG which is "Use Time Wisely" and covers planning and goals that "You will be successful in all of your life".

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