Saturday, July 9, 2011


Our newest grandson was born on July 6, 2011. Seems he was anxious to get here. We had our own little miracle. Misti went to the Dr. for a regular appointment and when the Dr listened to the heart beat, he felt concerned-sent her for a ultasound and doplar. Seems he had wound the cord all around himself and neck and into knots and wasn't getting the blood supply he needed.

A quick c-section and we have a 4 pound little boy. He is 7 weeks early. Dr said if she had gone to the Dr one day later, the baby probably wouldn't have made it. We feel so blessed.
So now it has been about 5 weeks. He has had his ups and downs. A couple of holes in the heart, and other preemie problems. He is doing pretty good now. Just trying to get him to eat. Can't go home till he figures that one out. But they think maybe a few more days. Hooray!

I zoomed in and you can't really tell how tiny he is.
5 weeks old. All the tubes are gone except this last little air tube.
Brother and sister ready for a visit.
First family picture of the kids. so Cute
I'm ready, take me home.

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  1. MOM I miss you, counting down this last year!!! Markie told me to tell you to say "sorry I have to leave" ha ha. Love the way 5 yr olds think. He starts school in a few weeks. I find myself crying randomly throughout the day. Miss u. Call ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!And he was only 4 pounds.