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This is a wonderful story about the value of service about one of our great missionaries who is truly service oriented and always kind and helpful to everyone. When we show love and service to others, they believe we are the Christians we claim to be. President Albright received this letter from a woman who lives in our mission.

Dear President Albright,

My name is Christina, and I am a member of the Fair Oaks Ward. I wanted to write to you and tell you how one huge rock and one very Christ-like Elder are bringing the gospel to my neighbors! Let me first say that we have lived here for 7 years, and my neighbors know that I am a member of the church. Despite some efforts at sharing the gospel in the past, none of my neighbors have ever shown an interest in hearing the gospel. That was before Elder Mower and Elder Crockett came to the Fair Oaks ward.

The Elders arranged to do some service for my family. On the day that they were working in my yard, one of my neighbors, Bob, came over to say hello and chat with me. I introduced him to the Elders and Elder Mower started talking to Bob and asked Bob if there was anything he could do for him or if he could do any service for him. Bob is an elderly gentleman who has had a couple of strokes and walks with a cane. So Bob asked Elder Mower if he could remove a shrub from his yard and plant it in his next door neighbor Carlos' yard. Elder Mower and Elder Harb (who was helping with the service for us) went over to Bob’s and removed the shrub. When they went to plant it in Carlos’ yard, Elder Mower encountered a rock in the ground and started to work to remove the rock so that he could put the tree in the ground. The rock turned out to be a huge rock and several hours went by with Elder Mower digging and using any means he could to try to get the rock out. He borrowed tools from us and other neighbors to try to get the rock out. The whole time he was working, Elder Mower talked to Bob and got to know him. He talked to him about the gospel, and Bob stayed outside with him the entire time. Bob and Carlos couldn’t believe Elder Mower’s hard work and determination. At this point, Carlos asked if he could take the Elders out for pizza as a way of saying thank you, so they took a break and went out to dinner with Carlos. Now two of my neighbors are very impressed with the Mormon missionaries!

But the rock was still not out, so when they got back from dinner Elder Mower began again to work at getting the rock out. All the while, talking now to two of my neighbors about the gospel. Elder Mower finally pulled the rock out after about six hours of work! Bob was so impressed and he couldn’t believe that Elder Mower didn’t just give up on that rock! Bob started calling the rock Mormon Rock! He asked the Elders to put the rock in his front yard, and he is having a sign made up with the name “Mormon Rock” on it, with Elder Mower and Elder Harb’s name on it too! Bob even said that he is going to plant BYU colored flowers around the rock and decorate Mormon Rock at Christmas! My entire street has had the “tour” of Mormon Rock and been told by Bob himself how Elder Mower conquered Mormon Rock! Bob was so impressed with Elder Mower’s qualities of resilience and determination and his great faith that he asked me to get Elder Mower’s parents’ address so that he can write to them and let them know “what a fine example of Christ-like love their son is”.

President Albright, the story doesn’t stop there. A few days later, Bob fell mowing his lawn and hurt himself and was in great pain, probably with broken ribs. Elder Mower offered a blessing and Bob accepted and had the blessing. Bob called me the next day to tell me that the blessing was a miracle, that he had finally been able to sleep for the first time since his fall, and that his pain was gone completely. Elder Mower asked Bob to come to his District meeting (at Elder Franzwa’s request) to tell the story of Mormon Rock, and Bob went and stayed for the whole district meeting. He was very impressed with all of the Elders he met, and with the church. Elder Mower invited Bob to come to church the next Sunday, and Bob accepted. He stayed the entire time and loved it! Bob has a friend who has throat cancer, and he has asked Elder Mower and Elder Crockett to give her a blessing soon. He’s not even a member yet and he believes in the power of the priesthood because of the blessing that Elder Mower gave him! Bob has connected with Elder Mower so strongly and I can see that Bob is feeling the Spirit every time they are together. I know the Elders are working towards teaching Bob the lessons and I hope that he will accept baptism soon. He is an older gentleman and I just keep thinking how grateful I am for Elder Mower’s example of faith and love for others that has touched Bob so much. This might be Bob’s chance to hear the gospel before he leaves this earth.

And because of the work that Elder Mower has done with Bob, all of my neighbors love the Elders. Elder Mower has developed a rapport with all of them. They all come out and talk with him when he is over, and we joke in our family that Elder Mower is going to baptize our whole street! He works tirelessly to serve others, and he has been such a great example of the Savior’s admonition to love one another. I haven’t been this excited about missionary work in a long time, and I just wanted you to know how grateful I am that Elder Mower and Elder Crockett are working so hard to share the gospel with my neighbors. Their example is really making a difference on my street and I am so grateful for that. And I wanted you to know about Mormon Rock! When I see them in action, I think of the scripture that says “Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven”.

Thank you for your time. May our Heavenly Father bless you as you love and care for these wonderful missionaries whose light is so shining.



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  1. This is hands down the best missionary story on service that I've ever read. I passed it around to family members and am linking to it in my next week's (July 25) Circle of Sisters column in Meridian. What an inspiring story!

    Kathryn H. Kidd