Monday, December 6, 2010

#4 Zone Conference-Potomac, Woodbridge & Fredericksburg

Last zone Conference of this transfer. 3 zones: Potomac, Woodbridge, and Fredericksburg. Zone Leaders are: Elders Cuevas and Rex in Potomac (the all Spanish Zone), Elders Brunstad and Strong in Woodbridge and Doman and Page in Fredericksburg. 6 great young men. They did a great job with presentations and showing love and concern for every member of their zones. Woodbridge Zone: Pres Albright, Johnson, Brunstad, Hubbard, Walls, Elder and Sister Clawson, Sister Albright, Back row: Elders Stoker, Forsberg, Grundvig,Bluemel, Scoble, Keefer,? Jacobsen, Ockler, and Mower
Fredericksburg Zone; In no order;Elder and Sis Butler, Elders Hoffer, Odenwalder, Hadfield, Lefeen, Kotyk, Peterson, Gubeli, Sherwani, Butcher, Donaldson, Stockham, Jensen, Lee, Carter, Brinkley, Johnson, Page, Doman, Gray, Ditty, and Sisters Malmberg and Dalrymple.
Potomac Zone: Elders Brogan, Rex, Hansen, Sisters Alvarado, Barrero, Gwynn, Larsen, Sister Albright, President Albright, Back row: Elders Tejada, Cuevas, Simmons, Zapata, and Wright.

A line of Zone Leaders: Strong, Brunstad, Page, Doman, Rex, and Cuevas
Elder Williams,
Elder Karren
Elder Lee, Page, and Doman
Elders Doman and Page

Elder Doman demonstrating commitment layers
Another layer
Another layer goes on...

a layer on the head

Elders Brunstad and Strong
Office Elders: Bates and Peterson
Lunch time

Senior Table: Elder and Sister Bryson, Clawson, Butler and Holmsgren -THE WISDOM
SISTERS Alvarado, Barrero, Larsen, Gwynn, Dalrymple and Malmberg
sister Dalrymple with her leaf sucker from the Relief Society sisters
Lunch ladies
Lots and Lots of birthdays
Elder Lee
Elder Domand and Rex flanking Elder Strong( our 6'5 and 6'9 elders)
Car awards Sisters Dalrymple and Malmberg
Elders Jensen and Stockham
Elders Hubbard and Grundvig
Elders Hadfield and Lafeen

Elder Keefer-Iron Man

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