Monday, December 6, 2010


November 25, 2010. We got up early with the 7 or 14 missionaries that had arrived on time and had breakfast cooked by the assistants and I. We then headed for the Ox Road Chapel and the Assistants and Pres. headed for the airport to get the other 7 who had just arrived. We met them at the chapel and had a little visit and introduced them to their trainers, who greeted them with open arms and big hugs. I think they felt safer after meeting their wonderful trainers. Only the best are trainers. We had an exciting transfer meeting and headed out to work. Breakfast with Elders Calvert and Bezzant, Sister Hardt, Elder Bates and Peterson(office elders), Sister Holt, Elders Freemand and Merrill.

Same from having dessert the night before, including Elders Merrill, Mobley, Bates, Freeman, Pres., Calvert, Bates, Sisters Holt and Hardt, and Elder BezzantThree Fine Chefs!!! Love the young men. Elder Williams cooking his last meal at the mission home before he heads home next month. We will miss him. He has served as Assistant for 7 months.
Nothing like waking up to the smell of BACON

Elders Williams and Karren.

Three Loyal and Faithful Assistants. There was no room left in the other dining room.

Arriving at Transfer Meetings. Lots of cars and luggage and bikes, and Ties.

It's a mystery how they go from bring 7 or 8 ties to about 100.
For transfer they bring everything with them to move to their next place.
The arriving Bikes
The mail brought from the office.

They really do great them with lots of love and excitement. This is a really special event.
Elder Tilleman and Merrill.
Elders Paswaters and Church
Sisters Kohler and Ward
Sisters Baxter and Holt
Sisters Barrero and Hardt
Sisters Barrero and Hardt-- Spanish Hermanas
Sisters Lee and Murray with Sister Vaitai ( a threesome until Sis Murray goes home next month)
Lee, Vaitai, and Murray
Elders Campbell and Naylor
Elders Mover and Mobley
Elders Gray and Zabriskie
Elders Kotyk and White
Elders Skousen and Calvert
Elders Franzwa and Bezzant
Elders Jacobsen and Taylor
Jacobsen and Taylor
EldersKeefer and Freeman
The transfer meeting- a full house

Elder Karren gets ready
Opening song. There is nothing like listening to a room full of missionaries singing their hearts out. It is inspiring.

The departing group: Elders Bell and Strong (Williams) and Sisters Funch, Flores, Murray, Bennett, and Banks.
Elders Karren, Holmstead and Williams
Sister Ferry plays her cello for the last time at a mission meeting. We will miss her beautiful music and all it has contributed to the mission.
Elder Sackett. He plays with such power and feeling.
The Assistants presentation.

Elder Holmstead trains the group.

Elder Tacaki plays a solo. WOW. A piano major. It was beautiful
Pres and I with Elder Harper

Elders Ta ofu uo, Pres, Elders Harper, Calvert, Skousen.
Pres. and I with Elder Chung.

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