Monday, December 6, 2010


Our Zone Leadership council was held on November 29,2010. It is always so enjoyable to get together with our leadership and watch them perform and share and council in decision making. They are such great young men and women and learning to be great leaders in the church. It is fun to watch them interact and see their different personalities relate and learn to give and take, hear each others opinions and come together on ideas. These are always great experiences. Front Row Kneeling: Elders Page, Scott, Stuart, and Holmstead; First Row: Sisters Trepanier and Ferry, Elders Williams, Strong, Garlick, Pomeroy, Jones, Tovar, McFarlane, LaRochelle and Karren, Next Row: Pres and Sis Albright, Elders Sackett, Buie, Back Row: Elders Bell, Rex, Doman, Barrett, Hall, Wallace, Cuevas and Davie.

Elders Jones, Sisters Ferry and Trepanier, Elders Reeves, Doman, Stuart, Cuevas, Rex, Pomeroy, and Sackett
Elders Strong, Garlick, Williams, and Bell
Pres, Elders Karren, Tovar, Rex, Davie, Wallace, Barrett, Holmstead, and Page
Elders Hall, McFarlane, and Scott
Downstairs in the council room
Elders Davie, Bell, Pomeroy and Stuart
Elders Reeves, Strong, and Sackett
Elders Davie, Wallace, Bell, Pomerory, Stuart, Doman, Cuevas, Rex

Elder Buie

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