Monday, December 6, 2010


We are blessed with many musically talented missionaries. Four of these missionaries put together a beautiful fireside in which they shared the gospel through songs, slides, and stories. They called it "Rest to Your Souls"

Elder Sackett wrote all the music and words for the songs. He is a gifted musician. He plays the piano incredibly well. He has a stellar voice. He is the only freshman on BYU's Vocal Point Group. (a 9 man acapella group) He has blessed our mission with a lot of beautiful music.

Sister Ferry plays the cello. She has a degree in cello performance. She has had the opportunity to play many, many times on her mission. It has been a source of inspiration and comfort and brought the gospel to many hearts. (see story about the cello and the nursing home).

Sister Murray sings and dances. She performed at Disney for a year and is a talented performer.

Elder Karren is the narrarator. He is a dynamic speaker and full of enthusiasm.
Together they make a great group and after putting on their fireside numerous times were invited to perform it at the temple Visitor's center.

The place was completely full. Sister Murray, Ferry, Elders Sackett and Karren
Elder Rich, The Visitor Center director
Elder Karren
Elder Sackett and Sister Ferry
Sister Murray
Sister Ferry

Elder Sackett
Before the show started I took a picture of the room beginning to fill
Some of the elders and their investigators in the lobby

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