Monday, December 6, 2010


This was the largest Departing fireside we have ever had. There were about 600 in attendance. WOW. We had the missionaries for both Nov and Dec-Jan departures give testimony at this fireside. There are 21 missionaries leaving: Elders Ockler, Forsberg, Thompson, Stockham, Strong, Grundvig, Brunstad, Ika, McGill, Lee, Bell, and Williams and Sisters Hornbeck, Banks, Bennett, Murray, Baxter, Alvarado, Florres, Ferry, and Funch. Half will be leaving. Half are leaving this Fri, the 19th. They are Sister Alvarado, & Elders McGill, Ika, Brunstad, Lee Stockham, Ockler, Forsberg, and Thompson. Sister Banks and Florres also leave this week. 5 others leave on Dec 17- Sisters Murray, Funch and Bennett and Elders Williams and Strong and the rest the first week of Januray-Sisters Ferry, Baxter and Elder Bell.
There were two musical numbers, both fabulous. "Have Faith My Friend" by Sis Aulava, and Elders Ika, Tau'ufo'ou and Cook. and "Homeward Bound" by Sisters Gwynn and Larsen singing with Sister Ferry playing the cello and accompanied by Elder Sackett.

This was a "hard" fireside for Pres and I. We are losing missionaries who have been with us almost their whole missions. It is really emotion to watch them go. Hearing them bear final testimonies is just a beautiful experience. I am so thankful to have been blessed to know and love these missionaries. Watching them get up and leave during the last verse of the closing song is a heart-breaker. We will miss you all.
A very full house
My sisters and friend visiting.
Departing missionaries on the front row.
Assistants on the stand
Sisters leaving during the closing song.

Departing missionaries on the stand

Elder Robbins at the piano
Sister Dalrymple
Our three Polynesians: Elders Tau' ufo' ou, Ika, and Sister Aulava

Elder Forsberg
Eldre McGill
Sisters Lee and Bennett with Pam, one of the wonderful members who lets misionaries live with them. Sister Bennett lived there for a part of her mission.
Elders Brogan and Rex
Sister Johnson Hunt was visiting for a few days. (she served here and went home, was married, is now living in New York) she and her husband and mother came for about 4 days and stayed at the mission home. She had a whole fan club here.

Elders Stuart and Lee
Elder Williams
Sister Alvarado
Elders Stuart, Scoble, Ockler and friends
Elders Bell and Jones

Elder Stockham
Elder Johnson and Greer
Elder Peterson

Sister Ferry

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