Tuesday, September 6, 2011


We started our interviews on August 23 and took 8 days of the next 2 weeks for these.
Each day we travel to a chapel in one of the zones and the missionaries come to the building at an assigned time for their interviews. This continues to be one of my favorite things to do. I get to know the missionaries so much better during these few minutes. Everyone of them is so unique and so wonderful and it is just delightful to visit with them and feel their spirit and their personality.
This series of interviews President asked me to visit specifically with each missionary about a couple of topics, (both from the white handbook). 1. the music that is OK to listen to in the mission field. Although the white hand book does not give an outlined list of what can and cannot be listened to, it does state that the music should not be merely for entertainment and should invite the spirit. We try very hard to place trust in our missionaries and allow them the freedom to follow that quideline within certain parameters.
2. Second, we visited about the proper use of mission funds and shopping. The white hand book states that "the funds from the mission are sacred. The are asked to budget their money and be thrifty and wise in how they spend it on approved items. We live in the center of many shopping centers and restaurants and it can be very tempting. And the sad result is we can run out of money early in the month if we eat at fast food and restaurants too often or shop for items not on the list. I told them if they can learn to budget on a mission it will give them a skill that will be valuable for a lifetime.
Then we had fun visiting about their families and the mission.
I only took a couple of pictures during the weeks of interviews. Here they are:

Elders Wright and Staples

Sisters Rozsa, Garbrick, Trepanier, Vaitai, Kohler, and Dana.

The Ashburn zone is very international. 10 of them are from other countires. Pictured above:
Elder Tamir-Mongolia, Elder Tillleman-Canada, Elder Bay-Italy, and Elder Cheung-China.

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