Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Leadership Meeting was held on Thursday, August 25, 2011. The Assistants, the office Recorders, the Zone Leaders, District Leaders, and Sister Exchange Coordinators all attend this meeting. LOTS OF TRAINING AND LOTS OF FUN.President Albright speakings
Elder Wright does some training

Elders Jacobson and Davie training

Elder Morrill

Elders Hansen, Greer and Sister Balsley
Elders Slade, Bazzle, Ta uof ou, Harper, Johnson, and Carter
Elders Davie and Sisters Garbrick and Rozsa
Elders Rothman and Johnson
Elders Skousen and Bates
Elders Pomeroy and Morrill
Elders Brazell and Bluemel
Elders Kotyk, Sherwani, and Parker
Elders Jensen and Peterson
Elders Campbell, Gubelli, and Gray
Elders Jacobson and Bolos
Elders LaRochelle and Harb
Elders Keefer and Church
Elders Bazzle and Walker
Elders Bay, Lawson, and Bothwell
President and Elder Shupe
Elders West and Yancey
Elders Earl, Franzwa, and Donaldson

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