Tuesday, September 6, 2011


For P-day, Labor Day, September 5, 2011 the missionaries of DC South were all allowed to go to the Nationals vs. Dodgers Baseball game. Everyone took the Metro right to the stadium. It was a great day, lots of fun. The tickets were not all together, but I tried to get a few pictures of some groups of missionaries. Thanks to Elder Bryson who took the whole office staff.
This was a nice break for the missionaries and I think they all really enjoyed it alot.
Heading into the stadium: Elders Church, Pomeroy, Barraza, Bluemel, Forrest, Rios, Ursenbach, and Cejedo.
President Albright heading to the stadium.
Look at all those missionaries.
Elders Lafeen and Norris

President in the stadium
Elders Barraza, Forrest, Cejedo and Ursenbach

What a beautiful stadium
Elders Doman, Phillips, Davie, Doyle, Jacobson, and Harb, BackRow: Elders Peterson, LaRochelle, and Pres.
Elders Harb, Jacobson, Doyle, Davie, Phillips, Doman
Elder Doyle with his FREE shirt
Elder Peterson(our REAL BASEBALL PLAYER) and LaRochelle
Elder Davie and Doyle
A small group of missionaries up their in the corner.
About 50 missionaries sitting together

Another small group of missionaries up in the corner
Cute recycle bin
We had great seat right over the 1st base line.
The view from our seats

These are the founding fathers having a race
The scoreboard with the Presidents race announced

they are coming across the finish line
The amazing score board
The view from the back of the stadium
The Capitol can be seen from the stadium
Pres with Elders Edgington, Harper, Jacobson and Harb
On the escalator at the metro; Pres and Elder Rios
Sister Pattern, Elders Cejedo, Crockett, Barraza and Bolos

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