Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Return and Report was held on September 1, 2011. After 4 weeks in the field we invite our new group of missionaries back to the mission home to report on their lst month. They come early in the morning and we have breakfast and they get to visit with each other not seeing each other since the MTC. They love seeing each other again. The friendships made in the MTC are really strong. Then we held to the basement and have our meeting.
We pour lots of information into them. Our wonderful assistants each speak. They give very inspiring talks on setting goals, keeping journals, and being obedient. Coming from the assistants these are really powerful. We show lots of fun videos and talk about mission
"stuff"-like medical, finances, cars, bikes, apartments, cleaning, record keeping, etc. We kind of overload them.
We have a nice big lunch and visit some more.
After lunch we have more meetings with each missionary sharing his testimony and experiences from the first month. Then first me and then President Albright speak.
This is a great day and the missionaries love coming back and getting together.

Front Row: Elder Rios, Sisters Patten, Taylor, Raynor, Elder Garcia-Felix
Back Row: Elder West, Johnsen, Young, Pres and I, Elders Phillips, MacFarlane, and a visa-waiter Elder Bateman.

Elders Garcia and Phillips
Sorry it's blurry- Elder MacFarlane
Elders West and Young
Elders Bateman, Rios, MacFarlane, and Johnsen
Sisters Taylor and Raynor
The whole group
Elder Jacobsen speaking about goals and desire
3 Assistants: Jacobson, Davie, and Doman
Elder Garcia giving the spiritual thought

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