Friday, September 9, 2011


Our beautiful and beloved Sister Mickey Holmgren passed away this morning, September 9,2011. I can hardly put into words the sadness felt at her passing. She was truly an angel, a saint. She always had a kind word for everyone and about everyone. She always was thinking of others. Our mission was incredibly blessed to have had her serve here with us. And she will be remembered fondly by all the missionaries who loved and admired her. Thank you Micky and Jon, for your service and devotion to DC South. We love Elder Holmgren and our thoughts and prayers are with him at this really difficult time. They shared a wonderful love that was evident when you were with the two of them.
This is when you are so incredibly grateful that you have the gospel. That you know of the Gospel plan and that you will be together again Eternally. I am so blessed to have a testimony of these truths. Micky will be missed.

Jon and Mickey Holmgren were one of the couples serving in the office when we arrived in the mission. They had been serving for just a little over a month. But they are such professionals that they had the place running perfectly. It was a joy to work along side them for two years.
The Holmgrens were not very excited about a mission call to DC South. They had wanted to go somewhere exotic or abroad. But when the call came, they were dedicated and put their hearts and souls into the work. 4 of their children live in the mission boundaries and they actually owned a condo here. (No wonder the call wasn't exciting). Little did they know what a blessing this would become. Micky was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in Dec of 2009. The best medical authorities on this type of cancer are here at Johns Hopkin and she was able to get the best care available. After a major surgery and month of chemo and radiation, it was believed that Micky had beat the cancer. Through all these trials and medical procedures, Micky came to the mission office and continued to work. She had a smile on her face and a cute wig on her head. She lifted everyones spirits with her optimism and countenance.
She had a few months of great health, but then realized the cancer had returned. She continued to work, play, enjoy grandchildren and attend church. Only last June, did she and Elder Holmgren get released from their mission call. They have been valiant examples to every missionary in this field what true devotion and hard work are really all about.

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