Friday, September 9, 2011



Hello President,

Mary’s* baptism on Saturday was hands down the highlight of my week! She has come a long way in just the past few weeks! She had a been a smoker for the majority of her life, at least 30 years. She has tried to stop smoking multiple times on her own but has never been successful. Mary has even tried a Stop Smoking program but was still not successful. It wasn't until our wonderful ward mission leader gave her special priesthood blessing that she was blessed with success. She went about 3 days after the blessing without a desire to smoke, but then her stress level increased and she needed to smoke. However, when she put the cigarette in her mouth she instantly felt nauseous and threw-up. She has never smoked since! What a miracle! She was able to be baptized several weeks later as a result of the blessing and her obedience. She is quick to give God all the credit!
*name changed

This is the Lord's work!

Sister Moses

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