Friday, September 9, 2011


On Thurs, August 11, 2011 we were priviledged to attend the screening of the new Joseph Smith movie called "Joseph Smith and the Golden Plates. You might recognize this young man. His name is Dustin Harding and he plays the part of Joseph Smith. He also played Joseph Smith as a 15 yr old in the "Restoration". We were delighted to visit with Dustin before and after the show. He is an incredible young man with a powerful testimony. He also gave a fireside in Fredericksburg which some of our missionaries were able to attend.
And as an extra great treat we found out that Dustin is the son-in-law of our friends, Terry and Sandy Rogers from Las Vegas. Continues to amaze me all the connections in the church everywhere we go.
The movie is very moving and covers just the years surrounding the plates. The missionaries were allowed to attend with investigators and recent converts. The show was sold out the first night we went and we gave our tickets to missionaries with investigators. We went back the next night and loved the movie.

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