Saturday, November 26, 2011


The Arriving Group. October 26 this group of missionaries arrived from the MTC. We pick them up at the airport and drive them through DC to see a few of the landmarks. Then it's off to the mission home for a nice dinner, training, and a good nights sleep. They are up early the next morning for a big breakfast, lots more training, some street contacting at GMU (George Mason University), lunch, and it's off to the church for transfer meeting. They meet their new companions (trainers) and they are off to work.
Elder Rith

Sister Mecham
Elder Cowley (from our home stake in Las Vegas)
Elder Lewis
Elder Wilson
Elder Cluff
Elder Mendoza

Elder Rasmussen
Elder Earnshaw
Elder Wilson
Elder Mooso
Elder Perez
Elder Timothy
Elder Gronning (also from Las Vegas, our home town)
Elder Call
Elder Newkirk
Elder Pyne
Elder Anderson
Elder Aland

These are the pictures that will be on the transfer board for the next two years.

Pictures of the evening the group arrives at the mission home.
Our wonderful office elders and assistants. Elders Hanson, Davie, Jacobs, and Harb. This is Elder Harbs' last day with us in the office. He's headed back into the field. Thanks for your hard office work.
Elder Hanson and Harb
Breakfast with the new missionaries.
The Assistants are up bright and early to help cook breakfast. Elder Kotyk is the new Assistant. Elder Davie will be going home this transfer. We will miss him.

The new missionaries having some training.

Elder Mendoza arrives with his family.

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