Tuesday, November 15, 2011


On the 3rd day of inspections we visited the Annandale apartments. Another great day of fun. 1st stop: Elders Chung, Chow, Earl, and Ursenbach with Pres. Albright
Great Apartment Decorations- Inspiration to reach their Goals.
The outside of all the apartments are just beautiful in Virginia. All the trees and nature make them just so lovely.
Apartment #2: Elders Hill and Lawson
#3: Elder Reeves Shows us the poster on their door. The last thing they see as they leave the house.
Reminding them to Return With Honor.
How's this for a clean shiny Elders Apartment. Way to go Elders.
The bikes are kept on the patio.
The bedroom. Lots of beds are lacking bedframes, but we are taking care of that.
Elder Reeves and Nelson at their desks. Very nice. A lot of study and planning goes on at these desks.
Elder Reeves waves hello.
The outside of the apartments. This was a really great Tree. Had to take a picture.

4th stop: Great looking complex
Very organized materials.
The lovely pictures arrangement on the wall.
Elders Peterson, Young, LaRochelle, Pres. and Carter.

5th Stop: Elders Phillips and Bazzle with Pres

Stop #6: The office Elders and Assistants place. Elders Harb and Hanson. The place looks great.
The wall decor: These Tee shirts - I love the Book of Mormon and I love the Bible were used in a Scripture chase between the two books.
Stop 7: The sisters place. Nice matching chairs with pillows and a table centered. A Womans' touch.
Their desk area
Sisters Moses and Lee with Sis Albright.

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